A Short Relaxed Homeschool Week

florida everglades scavenger hunt

So this past week was a short one. It seems like we are having quite a few short weeks around here. But, thats okay! We took Monday and Tuesday off like all of the other schools did and the girls ended up having Thursday off as well. Thursdays are Luis’ days to homeschool them and he had to run around for work, so they all just tagged along.

animalium homeschool animal studyAnimalium

animalium animal tree of life

So on the days we actually did school work we got some stuff done. The girls read every day, and I’m happy to report that they are doing really great with the McGuffey Reader, we did some math, Luis and the kids went on a scavenger hunt in the Everglades, and we started our animal study using the really cool book called Animalium. I am not sure how extensive our study will be, but for now we started our animal tree by using watercolors. I want them to fill in the tree using the book as a guide for all of the different classes. I also want them to draw one animal in each class on the tree. I really hope they turn out well.

animalium homeschool animal watercolor treeour watercolor animal tree

When we finish the tree I want to do some different activities for each class. I have no clue yet as to what those activities will be, but I certainly want to come up with a wide range of things so it doesnt become boring for them.

As far as math goes, we are still working on the pesky skip counting. Friday I did give them something different to do which was math word problems. We haven’t really covered them this year yet as Hailey has difficulty with them.But I figured being at home is the best way to practice and get better at them. I really do believe that being able to figure out word problems is essential in the real world.

We also kept practicing nouns and verbs with another little worksheet. They do pretty well with it, and like I said, I am learning these things right along with them so thats cool.

We had journal writing planned for Friday, but honestly the day just wasnt going well, so I decided to cut that out. The girls were trying, but they just didn’t seem fully into it so I of course was getting really frustrated with them.

So next week we plan for a full week with more to report. I want to fill in our animal tree, start working on money again, keep going with time telling, and maybe do some multiplication and division worksheets. I know that if we stop working on these things they will be forgotten. My goal is to keep everything fresh in their minds throughout the year.

Thanks for popping in!

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