A Weekly Wrap-Up And Some Thoughts on the Next School Year


Last week was a shorter week with Easter but it went well. The girls are continuing to improve greatly with their reading, we finished up the McGuffey Reader Book 1, and their interest in writing and reading on their own time has continued to grow. This makes me happy of course, and I hope they continue this throughout the summer so that I will have more of a piece of mind that they aren’t forgetting anything during that time off.

We focused a lot of cross multiplication this week and also started doing number journeys with mixed operations. We are using acorns to do this but I really feel that using manipulatives is making it more confusing for them. It seems that doing math in their heads is easier, so we may just start doing that instead. I want them to be able to interchange the operations (+ – x and /) with no problem.

Before the end of the year I want to introduce multiple step division. I think they can somewhat grasp it.

We still need to focus on skip counting, especially 6’s and 7’s. We haven’t really done them at all.

The girls are also getting really good at pointing out verbs, nouns, and pronouns in stories and poems. It may seem a little young for them, but they never really learned this in school, so we are starting from scratch with them. My goal is to finish the First Language Lessons Book 1 this year.. We have 30 lessons left, so I know we will get through it.

With that said and the school year ending in no time at all, I am already starting to think about next year what things I want to do different.

First things first, I want to change up the math. Well, let me re-phrase this. I don’t want to change up the technique of Waldorf but I feel like I have no choice in that I am having such a hard time finding a 3rd grade math curriculum. I can find one, but they only come as a huge package deal, costing around $300. If I wanted to follow Waldorf for all subjects then I would buy from Christopherus as I really like their 2nd grade math book that we have been using, but they don’t sell it by itself. Most other Waldorf curriculum companies don’t sell it separately either so I feel a little stuck.

I really would love a continuous flow of learning but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. I have been looking around a lot at other curriculum choices but nothing really seems right. I really hate workbook math as it jumps all over the place and just doesn’t seem “right”. I do kind of like Teaching Textbooks and Horizons, but I just don’t see us being happy with it. I am not sure how Hailey would do with a computer teaching her math like with Teaching Textbooks. And Honestly, I kind of enjoy teaching them math and helping them. So for now, I think I am going to do a complete DIY with our math program. There are tons of resources online for math, so I know that I will be able to figure out what they need to be learning and teach it to them myself. I also really like and heard great things about Life of Fred.  So I may include that as well.

I also want to re-incorporate some Charlotte Mason Method things into our homeschool next year. I really like the nature study aspect of it and found this great book that I want to get to help us with our studies.

CMM also has this spelling book that I think I will get for next year as well. They teach spelling without lists and tests (I hate lists and I think they don’t work long term), but use whole sentences that the children read, look at, memorize, and practice. With this they are able to work through those tricky words and learn how to spell them. The final evaluation is when you dictate the sentence to them and they can write each word without any misspellings.

Another CMM book that I want to try for next year is Stories of America. They are whole stories of how America started, starting from Christopher Columbus. We all got bored with SOTW really quick so I think we will be shelving that indefinitely. Strike two against SOTW!

I will continue with the First Language Lessons, moving on to book 2, McGuffey Readers, reading chapter books to them, and journals in cursive.

Once the next school year gets closer I will come back here and give you the final list of what I chose.

I am already excited for it!

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