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A blog that I regularly go to for homeschool inspiration is doing a day in the life of a homeschooler series this whole month of January. I thought that was such a great idea because it can be really helpful for us homeschoolers to see what other homeschoolers are up to day in and day out. What I also like about this series is that the families keep it real and are not about making their lives look perfect and unattainable. They tell it like it is and overall it makes me feel better about our days. Face it, its really easy to be hard on yourself and feel like you aren’t doing enough. So I decided to also participate in this series and post my own day in the life of a homeschooling family.
Our schedule is pretty relaxed, no rigid time frames, and our afternoons are always left free for whatever we want to fill it with. Below are just average times in which we do things:

6:30 am- I wake up for some quiet time with my coffee and my computer. Sometimes Hunter wakes up at this time or any other time before 8 am. If that is the case, I bring him in the room with me and he plays the Kindle in bed.

8am- I get everyone up and make breakfast. Sometimes the girls are already awake, but they know to stay in their room and watch a movie until I come and get them. This rule has really been a sanity saver.

9am- This is usually when we begin our schooling. I usually begin our day with individual reading time. The girls each have turns to read to me for about 20 minutes each.

9:45- We start joint schooling stuff, usually math first, then on to the rest of the subjects. I do not do every subject every day.
What I do every day is math, reading, and some kind of writing.
Twice a week we do cursive and history
Once a week we do journals, art, and poetry

9:45- 11:30 or 12pm- This is when we do any school work that is scheduled. Again though, if someone is in a mood (me included), I will easily scratch off some things and save them for the next day.

12pm- Lunch

12:30pm- 2:30pm- rest time. This time does vary, sometimes its earlier and sometimes it finishes later. It all depends on when Hunter wakes up from his nap.

2:30pm-5pm- Free time to do whatever they like. They usually play outside, play with Legos, draw, play with their other toys, etc.

5pm or 6pm- Dinner time

6:30-7 through 8-8:30- family movie

8-8:30pm- Bed time

We never have the television on during the day, however the girls are allowed to watch a movie in their rooms if they wake up early and at rest time if they are good. Hunter will play with the Kindle during school time if he wants because honestly, I have such a hard time keeping him happy during school. He is such a major distraction for the girls that the Kindle has really been the only thing to keep him occupied and quiet for a longer period of time.
Our days usually run pretty smoothly and our schedule works well for us. Over the past few months there have been some changes, and I’m sure more changes will come over time. I always fear that we aren’t doing enough, but honestly, the girls have learned so much so far and it’s really amazing how much we get done in just two short hours.
Thanks for popping in and I hope our day helps you to see things clearer!


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    I am loving reading all of these this morning! I, too, love how everyone is keeping it real. No sugar coating. I often wonder if we are doing enough, but then look at how much the kiddos have learned so far. Thank you so much for sharing a day with us 🙂

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      Thanks so much! Yes, the sugar coating must stop! It’s too easy to look at others’ lives and think its perfect. So when other mothers are letting us all know that it’s crazy just like our own homes, it makes me feel better about our bad days!

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    Love reading about your relaxed homeschooling. We are a first-year homeschooling family and so we are still very much finding our path. Some days are (very) relaxed and others we get more done than I ever intended. Trying to follow the lead of my children’s interests and unlearn some of my own schooling programming is easier said than done but I’m really enjoying the journey.

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    I love how you begin the formal schooling time with individualized reading and have your girls read to you. I still have my 12-year old read to me. It’s a great skill to be able to read aloud. I like how easy-going you keep your days. That’s how we’ve always been too. 🙂

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