Our Homeschool Monthly Recap/2

butterfly drawings

With our second month just finishing up, I have compiled another monthly wrap up. This is to help me to see everything we have started and completed and how much the girls have learned along the way. As with probably every homeschool mom out there, I always doubt myself and wonder if my kids are learning enough and learning what they need too. Laying it all out there for me to see really helps me keep things in perspective.

– Kept working on 2,5, and 10’s times tables (they know them really well now)
– Learned how to do division by using skip counting
– Introduced 3’s counting
– Learned about even & odd numbers
– Started place value lessons
– Started learning how to read and write numbers up to thousands
– Started Fractions Hot Dots (both doing really well with it)
– Telling time Hot Dots

– Finished our Australia study and made a little keepsake book
Made a boomerang
Australian dialect and people drawings
– Started our Sweden Study
o learned about flag and map
o traditional costume painting
o capitol and population

– started Story of the World
– read chapters 1,2,3
– learned about the first people, the fertile crescent, the first cities, first writing, the first nomads
– made cave drawings, map work, coloring pages, made cuneiform tables

– drawing and coloring with colored pencils
– Fingerprinting
– Make your own card

– Finished My Body Project
– 5 senses- touch and ice cream smell and taste test
– Received our caterpillars
– Learned about metamorphosis
– Watched process of caterpillars eating, growing, and turning into chrysalis’
– Drew and colored butterflies
– Compare and contrasted our Cabbage White and Painted Lady caterpillars
– Grape/density experiment
– Rainforest Homeschool class at Fairchild Tropical Garden

– Cursive a-j letters
– Cursive name practice
– Making words from word
o Alligator
o Australia
o People
o Woman
o Madeline
o Other words; can’t remember them now
– Spelling words from our Saints & Heroes stories
– Sentences using our spelling words
– Misc. writing happening over the course of the day

– Finished Little House in the Big Woods
– Started Matilda
– Saints & Heroes
o Nandanar and Lord Shiva
o Finn MacCool
o Elizabeth of the Roses
– McGuffy reader
– Many library books
– Finished Small Pig
– Three Billy Goats Gruff
– WA in Wash
– A in Adopt

– Common nouns
– Proper nouns
– Address writing
– Addressing a letter
– Punctuation
– Story Narration

– “My Littler Sister”
– “The Toothless Wonder”
– “I love to do my Homework”

In the end, it still seems like we have done quite a lot. I know that I am missing some stuff, but that’s okay. In between all of this there was of course little art projects, drawings, and coloring. They do some kind of drawing and coloring every day. We also read every day as well whether it’s me to them or them to me or both. The girls are grasping new math concepts really well too. I have been happy so far with the Waldorf math curriculum. The First Language Lessons book is helpful but way too repetitive. I have been skipping several lessons at a time because of its redundancy. The girls are doing really well with the book however. What I do love about the book is that they tie learning about addresses, days of the week, and months of the year into the lessons. I know I’ve said this before, but those are the things that would totally get overlooked.

This coming up month I really want to start focusing on dates and how to write them. In the beginning of the school year I made the gnomes, days of the week, and weather people. I did the whole burning of the wood and all that, but I never painted them. I am not looking forward to that, but it might be a fun and easier way of teaching the days of the week.

I also hope that by the end of the next month the girls will know their 3 and 11 times tables as well as they know their 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s. But, if they don’t, it’s not the end of the world.

That’s all for now!

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