Homeschool Week 3

homeschool waldorf methodOur main lesson books, using the golden pathway and the golden stars

I can’t believe we are about to start our 4th week of homeschool already! Every Friday that comes I can’t help but think how I am just blinking my eyes and our days are over. I know that we are only a few weeks in, but I am beginning to feel that I am forgetting to do some things. I had initially bought Writing with Ease Level 1 in order to have some sort of resource for writing/spelling/reading. However, now that we have started our Saints & Heroes block, I have realized that if we did both, it would be extremely repetitive. So, I have eliminated it all together. However, I also bought First Language Lessons and after overlooking it for the past weeks, I think I am definitely going to add that into our days. I don’t want to overwhelm anyone, but what I love about this book is that the lessons are really short and a lot of review happens. The lessons also include teachings on days of the month and week, along with letter addressing, and etc. While I think that all of these things are very important to know (for obvious reasons), I can see myself overlooking them. So with First Language Lessons, I will be able to find the time to teach them these important things.

homeschool waldorf method

Water painting Genevieve of Paris

As far as a review for this past third week, it was a short one. Monday was Labor Day so we spent it traveling home from our Jacksonville trip. We had a great time and were exhausted! So getting back into school, along with starting a new lesson block, I was nervous and anxious come Tuesday morning. But the Saints & Heroes story of Genevieve of Paris was interesting to the girls and they took really well to drawing her and doing their spelling words and writings. Hailey didn’t really listen to the story at all, or at least didn’t retain any of the information, but Lilly remembered it all. So we went over the story and I made a spelling list using the words from the story. I then had them writing down four sentences using those spelling words. I made up the sentences and will continue to do so until they can show me that they can create sentences that are not repetitive and basically the same thing over and over again, haha.

homeschool week 3 waldorf method

Genevieve of Paris drawing and writing

We also continued our study on Australia, made delicious cinnamon rolls, worked more on our cursive writing, and we are about half way through the Little House in the Big Woods book. I assume that within the next week or so we will be finishing it up. I think once we are done with this one we will move onto reading something totally different, maybe Mary Poppins or Charlotte’s Web; a classic book, but a little lighter. Hailey is still not paying attention to the readings (or so it seems), but they are remaining somewhat quiet while I read. It’s much nicer that way!
During our circle time we are still working on our 2’s skip counting and 2’s times tables. Lilly pretty much knows it and Hailey is really catching up. It really brings me so much happiness and enthusiasm when I see that they are learning and retaining information, especially Hailey. I do have to remember to get just as excited for Lilly as I do Hailey. I can see Lilly waiting and looking for my approval when she does it right, so I really need to be extra aware of her needs. Unfortunately they can be overlooked when you have to deal with a child that needs extra attention and more time.

homeschool week 3 waldorf method

Our spelling list created from the Genevieve in Paris story

So this week I have learned some more about the homeschool process, still figuring out many things. I am not even on the brink of getting it, but I hope I will continue in the right direction. I did have a minor setback on Friday as I had lost my cool with Hailey, so as we are all human and things happen, I hope things like yelling and the sending off to one’s room happens less and less.


  1. Leo says

    Hey Guys,

    We are now a retired couple living in So. California. 35 years ago we were living in Hollywood Florida and I was working in Dania. We too bought a bus and converted it and started out to seek our fortune. In many ways, it was maybe one of the best things we ever did. We arrived in San Diego about two years later, and just the two of us lived in the bus for over 30 years. Along the way we met many families like you guys, with your kids.

    After being there and doing that, I really have gained a lot of experience, both with bus conversions and the life of fulltiming. At present I am rebuilding an old Bluebird Wanderlodge. I Would love to talk to you directly, so send me a phone number and I’ll call you. We still live in California and we are retired now. It seems that we have a bit in common.

    Leo and Eloise

    • glos-152 says

      Hi Leo!
      Thanks for your interest. I would love to chat with you and pick your brain about the whole process. I would love to be able to Skype with you if thats okay. Send over your Skype name and we can set up a good time to chat! Thanks again

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