My one month Roundup as a dad and relaxed homeschooling

Roundup as a dad and relaxed homeschooling
How can fathers help homeschool their kids with the knowledge they have available? As a dad we obviously bring a different set of skills that we can use to homeschool our children. The question is how to use this unique know-hows to teach our children.

I am and always have been a pretty handy person. So I was looking for things that I knew that would be educational and fun for my kids. Here are some examples of things that I did with them this month.

  • The basics of the circuit
  • The difference in voltages of different batteries
  • The difference between screwdrivers and how to use them
  • The difference between a wire cutter and pliers
  • Lizards and what they eat and where they live
  • A lot of imagination, learning

No Planning And The Lessons I’ve Learned

Before I get started, let me start off by saying that I have had a great month with my kids’ homeschooling. I definitely have the easy end of the stick when it comes to my part in their schooling. Since most of the teaching that I am doing is hands-on and almost like playing, I feel it is probably a little bit easier to keep them focused on what we’re doing. But here are some lessons I’ve learned and things I need to adjust in the upcoming month.

I definitely like to shoot from the hips and like to be relaxed when it comes to my time with them. But I am starting to realize that I’m going to have to plan out some of these projects if I want to complete them.  For example, my wife ended up buying Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments and there’s a whole bunch of very cool experiments that I would love to do with my kids, but they all require certain things that we just don’t have on hand. Another example is we purchased some old remote control toys from Goodwill and with these toys I started to show them the basics of the circuit and how different voltages affect the motors and lights of these toys. But to continue down this path there also things I needed to have on hand to be able move this project ahead. Even a simple thing like looking for lizards on our property and trying to teach them about their diet, where they live, and how long they live was a little difficult to do without a little preparation beforehand. Trying to do research about lizards on Google while the kids are asking 21 questions about them is a lot easier said than done.

So I started to make a list of supplies that I require so that hopefully this month I don’t run into the same roadblocks that I did last month. Now this doesn’t mean that I will be setting a strict schedule for the next month. Just that I will try to be a little more prepared with the things I require for these ongoing projects and ideas that I have in mind for the upcoming months.

My Successful Homeschooling Project

Now a little bit about the success I had with them. So the donated remote control car project is going great so far, and I have some stuff on order from Amazon to continue it. Here are some of the things I did with them on this project: Before we took the car apart, I had them guess what was inside of this car so they picked up the car, shook it around, and started to guess.  It was great to see their brains working and I got pretty funny answers from them. Then I asked them how do they think we should take it apart,  again it was a pretty cool to see them go back and forth. Some of the suggestions were pretty funny, for example, they suggested taking it outside and throwing it against the floor or maybe hitting it with a rock. After that, I showed them where the screws were how to use the screwdrivers to take it apart. Once that was done, I had them guess what each of the components were inside the car. Then I brought out different batteries and showed them how they had different voltages and how they affect the electric motor. I also drew out a circuit diagram of what we were doing on the chalkboard to give them a different view of what was going on. This project was a great success. They seem to really enjoy the whole process even down to the circuit that I drew on the board. After we were done, they went to a whiteboard that we have set up on the refrigerator and started to write out their version of a circuit and how they wanted to do it. Obviously the circuit they drew wasn’t correct, but just seeing them pretending and planning out the circuit for their  car was awesome.

Here are some pictures of some of the stuff we did throughout the month.

Homeschooling remote control project

Electronics homeschooling

Batteries and homeschooling

Cities drawing homeschoolingPaper drawing of city relaxed homeschooling

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