Relaxed Homeschool Month 3 Recap

noun cards

Wow, the months keep going by quicker and quicker. I am back for our third month recap and I am happy to report that most of my goals that I set for this month have been achieved. I think setting goals is a good thing for me in that it keeps me focused and puts things in priority. I set the goal of working on the days of the week and dates, as well as the 3’s and 11’s times tables. The girls are really gaining a great knowledge on the days of the week (Lilly knows it already), the order and even how to spell them. I have been using those little pegs to help Hailey by putting them in order, asking her what today is, what was yesterday, and what is tomorrow. I then had them write each day of the week 3 times each. I remember this from when they were in school and needed to learn spelling words every week. I had them write their words every day 5 times each and it worked really well. The girls also know their 11’s, Hailey almost has it but Lilly does. They also know more of their 3’s, but not entirely but they do know it up to 12. We will keep working on them throughout the months, until its known well, and then review them frequently.

4 processes practice
Place value practice up to thousands with color coding
Continued practice with Hot Dots time and money
Used linking cubes for place value
Continued review of 2, 5, and 10’s times tables
Practiced 11’s and 3’s times tables
Learned how to spread out numbers & put numbers back together
Even and Odd review

Journal writing 1 time a week
Days of the week writing 3 times each several times a week
Cursive letters- K-Q

Days of the Week
Tree House
The Planet of Mars

Matilda, finish next month
Special sounds- “y”, “le”, “ed”, “er”
Mouse Soup
Three Little Pigs
Little Red Writing- compare and contrast
Incorporated silent reading time

Nouns- proper, common, things, living things
Made noun cards
Started Months of the Year (proper nouns)
Days of the Week (proper nouns)
Proper punctuation

Autumn tree sculpture
Girls started art classes 1X a week
Cube Art

Story of the World:
Chapters 4-7
Mummies & Pyramids
Made sugar cube pyramid
Map work & coloring
The First Jewish People
Hammurabi’s Code

So for this coming up month my next goals are to finish Matilda and start book 2 in the Little House Series which is The Little House on the Prairie, solidify the 3’s and 11’s times tables, as well as solidify the girls recognition of all the four processes. I also want to start doing poetry every week again. The girls seem to like it a lot, but it kind of gets forgotten. I also started having them read to me first thing n the morning as opposed to the last thing of the school day. Everyone is just done with school at the end, and my patience’s is almost gone by that time as well, so we always end up scratching that off the list. Obviously it’s very important for them to read to me, not just me to them, so by switching to the first thing instead of the last has help a lot.

This coming up month we will begin carrying and borrowing which I am a little nervous about, but I know they will get it eventually. That is why I have been working on place value a lot, in hopes that it won’t be too much to process for them.

Thanks for checking back in and I can’t wait to see what this next month has in store for us!

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