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After reading around on different homeschooling blogs, I came across a great idea of doing a monthly recap of what we did during the month. What I really liked about this idea was that it showed me on one to two pages exactly what we have done and/or started. I am still having that internal struggle of feeling like I am not doing enough.  It really sucks to feel this way because it can easily overwhelm me. My thoughts go a little something like this ” We aren’t doing history, I haven’t started teaching them how to knit, or even teach myself how to knit, we haven’t started our recorder lessons, and I feel like I am not doing enough “typical” school stuff. I must add those things in, but how am I going to do this when I am exhausted and done by 11 am, and even more, the girls are exhausted and done by 11 am? Everything I plan for our day is completed by 10:30 am, so does this mean we are being efficient, or are not doing enough!?!? Oh, Im so overwhelmed, I cant do this….”

Yeah so that’s how it usually goes. hah! I’m sure I am not alone in these thoughts, but with no real homeschool support, it sure can feel lonely around here. So, when I came across the idea to have a monthly recap from this site, I thought it would be a perfect way to settle these feelings inside me and to really see that we are and have done quite a bit so far. I typed it up and wanted to share with you guys. So here is our month 1 recap!

Month 1 Recap

August 18- September 13, 2014
Math 2 week Block; Saints and Heroes 2 week Block

• Learned skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s
• Learned 2 times tables
• Worked on division, addition, subtraction
• Introduced math gnomes

• Started Australia study
o Great Barrier Reef video and painting
o Animal coloring and video
o Australian flag and map study/coloring

• Dot art
• How to draw a face
• How to draw a bird
• Picasso cube art

• Started My Body Project
o Learned about all of our organs, bones, and muscles
o Cut, colored, and glued organs, bones, and muscles onto our body outline
• Lego building
• Mechanics of toys
• Brief lesson on metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly; pupa and chrysalis

• Started cursive
o Cursive A, B, C, D
• Genevieve of Paris, Kun and Yu, Rabia of Basra writings, spelling lists, and spelling sentences

• Started Little House in the Big Woods
• Started Aesop’s Fables
• Read stories:
o Genevieve of Paris
o Kun and Yu
o Rabia of Basra
o Angelina Ballerina series
o Misc. library books
• Read by girls
o Started McGuffy’s Eclectic Reader
o Small Pig

• “Sick” poem
• “The Caterpillar” Poem
• “This Old House” poem
• “I Must Remember” poem

• Started nouns, common nouns

• No knead bread
• Whole wheat bread
• Cinnamon rolls
• Chocolate chip cookies
• Bee sting cake
• Learned about yeast
• Learned measurements
• Learned how to measure properly

So I plan on posting not only the weekly recaps, but the monthly’s as well. For now we are using the Waldorf method for math, reading, writing, and spelling. I did just purchase the Story of the World for our history section. This will be the second time we will be using this. It was not successful last homeschool go around. Crossing my fingers. I will not ask for narration, or ask any questions. I plan on simply asking if we remembered anything that we read. I will give the girls a chance to say whatever they want and then do my own recap. I also bought the workbook to go along with it that includes more references and project ideas. I will keep you posted on how this goes for us. I also bought the New American Cursive 1 book to see if the girls will take to it better. They are having a hard time putting letters together to make words.


Are there any troubling thoughts that seem to boggle you down by guilt when it comes to homeschooling? I would love to hear about it and possibly not feel alone with it!

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