Relaxed Homeschool Week 11

butterfly releasebutterfly releasing

Sorry for the delay in this week’s post. Life just sometimes catches up with me and things slip my mind. The weeks are flying by and I seem to not be able to keep up!

So this past week was shorter than usual. We ended up taking Tuesday and Thursday off. Tuesday was taken off with the exception of reading because I just didn’t feel it that day and the girls were asking for the day off. Thursday was also taken off because I had a morning appointment at the girl’s old school to go over some test results of Hailey from last year. I also had to help my mother in law with some things, so we just did away with any work that day. While Halloween was on Friday, we still did school that day because I was beginning to feel a little guilty for taking so many days off that week. I know that’s the beauty of homeschool, but my head always gets in the way.

hunter and me

This past week we continued to work on place value, and how any number bigger than 9 needs to move into the next place. I used these the place was. I asked the girls to make numbers using the blocks, read them to me, write them on the board, me asking them to do some numbers as well, and etc. They seemed to enjoy that activity and got it quite well. Reading numbers may seem so easy to us adults, but it seems like it can be really confusing for kids. But, slowly they are catching on. We also started on the 3 and 11 times tables. Even going into the 12th week, they still have a lot of trouble with the 3 times table. The 11 seems to be understood by both of them. It is a pretty easy one to remember. I guess with time they will just memorize the 3’s like we all have!

halloween vintage circusHalloween Costumes (the girls were vintage circus pony riders, and Hunter was a vintage circus strong man)

We have also continued with the journal writing, which we do about 1 time a week. This has become a purely at the moment activity. If I am not feeling it, or the girls are giving me stress, we just won’t do it. It takes some patience from my end, but I like what it brings. The girls are able to choose their own topics, draw a picture and write a little something. It is allowing them to practice writing, creating sentences and stories, spelling, and punctuation.

We have also started working on the days of the week. Hailey has a lot of trouble with the order of the days, knowing what was yesterday, today, and tomorrow. So I have really been focusing on the days, having them write the days, putting them in order (I made little days of the week pegs using this inspiration), and reciting them. I know with time it will click.

That’s about it for week 11. As I said, it as short one, ending in a fun Halloween! Thanks for stopping by!

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