The Relaxed Homeschool Week 15

marbled ring dishmarbled clay ring dish

This week was actually a pretty great week on the homeschool front. We did a lot and finished up a few things as well. On top of homeschooling I am also focusing on Christmas shopping and starting some homemade gifts. I wrapped quite a few presents over the weekend and made this marbled clay ring dish from this tutorial. They were really easy to make and turned out pretty. I plan on giving them to a few women in my life.

play storeour play store

So this week we were still focusing on money and started to play store and also had the girls count money in several different ways. They are progressing but are still pretty rusty. I’m not sure if I should just stay at it until they fully get it or tone it down a notch from doing it everyday to doing it twice a week? I plan on doing a review this upcoming week on even and odd, and the four processes.  Overall my plan for the remainder of the year is to have telling time blocks, more money blocks, teach them borrowing and carrying, and solidify multiplication and division of 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, 11’s, 3’s. If they have that down then I know the other skip counting will come to them. We may have time to learn other skip counting but we will see….I would also like to talk about fractions and possibly apply that to baking and cooking.

vintage christmas present boxvintage strawberry shortcake christmas box

We are also still working on Days of the Week and Months of the Year. They both know the proper order but for some reason they still don’t know how to spell the days of the week. So my “writing words 5 times each till they know it” tactic isn’t working. Oh well, I still trust that they will learn it at some point!

The girls also finished the Little Bear book and The Frog and the Toad book. They each read them to me every morning and are doing so much better in their reading. We also happily finished Matilda, finally! This week I am going to start The Little House on the Prairie. I hope they like it, but I don’t expect much.

ice creamice cream!

We did cursive “u” and “v”, journal writings, and watercolors for art. We also had time for a trip to the ice cream shop and the playground, and the girls each had ballet and art classes. Our week was filled but it went well.

Next week we will start our new book, start the girls’ new reading books, and hopefully do some holiday baking and more Christmas stuff. Lilly has her very anticipated Christmas show this coming Saturday, so we are excited for that!

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