Relaxed Homeschool Week 22

relaxed homeschool

Hey everyone! I am back with the weekly posts on how our homeschooling week went. I am thinking we are in week 22, but I could be miscounting, but who cares really right? I am alive, and so are the kids, so thats all that matters to me at the moment.

This past week was the first real full homeschool week since we took a break for the holidays. We had three weeks off, then had one week of starting back again but making it really light. After a while I really started to feel guilty like I wasnt doing enough and the fear started to creep in. I knew that once we started up again full swing,  it would make me feel better, so thats what I did.

The week went pretty well.  I did lose my temper big time with the girls one morning but I was able to turn it around and finish the day out good.

This past week we started carrying and learning the connections between the 2’s, 4’s and 8’s times tables. I was really ready to start teaching the girls some new material and this fit the bill! They both learned carrying quite easily. I know that they dabbled in it last year in 1st grade and they did get it then too, but to me it seemed like they forgot how to do it since then. We also came up with a trick to learn out 4’s and 8’s by using our hands. The times tables end in the same number on a pattern. For 4’s its 4, 8, 2, 6, and 0. So once we get to 0, we start again with 4. Same with the 8’s, where its 8, 6, 4, 2, and 0. I don’t know if this explanation makes sense, but it makes sense to us and the girls are learning them this way!

Next week we are starting to learn about borrowing and the connections between 3, 6, and 9 times tables. They will also learn the 6 and 9’s.

We also started another country study, choosing China. We just finished out Ancient China chapter in the Story of the World, so I thought it would be most appropriate. There is also so much to learn about China too. We learned about the Great Wall, colored the flag and wrote cities on the map, and made a Chinese dragon puppet. Next week we will finish it with making paper fans and drawing pictograms. I think the next country I will do is Ancient Egypt.

We also competed our cursive letters and started writing and making connections of cursive words. I ordered the New American Cursive Book 2 so we will start that once it comes.

We finished learning about pronouns, making our pronoun lists, and using them in sentences. Next we will begin learning about verbs and action verbs.

The girls are reading the McGuffey’s First Eclectic Reader again since they never finished it and I am still reading the Little House on the Prairie book. We are about half way through and I am really enjoying this series.  I definitely like to keep our learning simple and almost old school. It just seems more real and not so full of fluff.

So over all this past week went well and I am looking forward to next week!

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