Relaxed Homeschool Week 7

relaxed homeschool week 6This week has proved to be the toughest one for me yet. I’m not quite sure why as nothing has changed in our circumstance, but it was. I felt as if I had no patience whatsoever with the kids. I honestly can’t say that they were pushing my buttons, but it was more of a situation where everything that was trying before that I was able to deal with patiently, became so intolerable to me.

Hunter has always been and will always be a distraction for the girls. He is too little to understand that he needs to be quite while I read or while the girls are working. It seems like he talks and whines only when I am doing those things. I can usually deal with it pretty well, but that was one of the things that I couldn’t handle this week. It truly makes my job even harder when you have a little child interrupting you every second.

So for most of the week we kept it casual. Monday and Friday we had doctor’s appointments, so those days were not productive with school related learning, and by Thursday I needed a break. Thursday was the worst day of them all, but thankfully by Friday I was feeling better.

Throughout the week we worked a little bit on our cursive, reading, writing, skip counting, and read Matilda. We read a little bit in our history book, which is not really drawing the girls in, but I will continue anyhow. We made cardstock people and painted the traditional Swedish costume on them, and read a few stories from our Saint’s and Heroes book.

While this week was not the most productive, I was able to take the break that I felt that I needed. I tend to be very hard on myself when I get into funks like this because I just hate it when I’m like this. I work on myself and look within all the time, so when I have set backs, it weighs heavy on me. I have this certain picture of how I want to mother my kids, and what type of mother I want to be, but little tendencies of intolerance and impatience tend to prohibit me from being such that.

I know that by taking every day one day at a time it greatly improves my other tendency to feel overwhelmed easily. I would say that I am a highly sensitive introvert. Once I discovered that fact it made it easy to accept myself a little bit more. In no way do I accept my overreactions to things at times, but I do accept that I can get overwhelmed and testy easily so I must try and find ways of dealing with it before it becomes out of control.

I hope next week is much more productive and peaceful. Do you have any ideas on how to keep away those pesky impatient days? Any tips are greatly appreciated!

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