Relaxed Homeschool Week 8

relaxed homeschool week 8

So I guess it’s been 8 weeks since we started this homeschool journey. When I write week 8 I honestly feel like I should be writing week 25. It feels like we have been doing it a lot longer than just 8 weeks. But, I digress and should look at week 8 as an accomplishment and not week 8 as only week 8?! This past week has been a lot better than the previous. Thank goodness for that because I was honestly getting worried that I would fail yet again at the homeschooling journey. My patience was better and I didn’t become overly intolerant of the kids. While the struggle was still there, it didn’t accompany dread.

We got things done as I planned this week out more. I am always going back and forth in my mind on how I should go about our day to day schedule. Should I write everything down and have a plan set up before the day even begins? Or should I just go with the flow and let the girls choose what they want to do? For my overwhelming feelings, I would lean towards having the girls choose in that the result in usually a less hectic day, but not having anything written down with some sort of direction can also lead me to feeling overwhelmed.

In reality I guess I just need to plan and not plan according to how we are reacting and acting to one another. Does that make sense? I guess what I am saying is that if I am not reacting well to the girls and their certain behaviors, it might just be the best idea to have a light school day so that I don’t feel even more overwhelmed and irritated, only making the day worse. If we are working together and all is right in the world, then maybe we can tackle more of a set schedule.

And one may think how would I even know how the day will go before it even happens? Well honestly its all about me. That may sound selfish, but hear me out. If I’m in a good mood and am filled with patience and tolerance, then the girls and Hunter will react better and the day will go smoother. But, if I am having a rough day (which I can tell right away), the kids react negatively to that. The day can deteriorate very quickly, making things oh so worse. While I am working on not letting my moods ruin an entire day (and I am making great strides in that department), I still have to be realistic with myself in that everything is a process and I can’t fix my issues overnight.

So with that said and with another school week approaching, I hope that next week will be a great one!

A quick note: this past week we receive our caterpillars in the mail. We are very excited and have been enjoying watching them and seeing how big they are growing. The plan is to watch the entire metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. I will give updates as things happen. The kids love butterflies and bugs and all that stuff, so this is something we are all looking forward too!

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