Relaxed Homeschool Weekly Recap

Relaxed Homeschool

So I honestly have lost count as to how many weeks we have done so I will just start doing weekly recap posts instead of counting them.

This past week was pretty smooth. We got a lot done and there weren’t any days that anyone really gave me a hard time.

We did the typical work of the girls reading to me, me reading The Little House on the Prairie to them, math, writing, etc.

We really took time to practice borrowing and they have done pretty well with it. They still need practice as Hailey keeps forgetting to take one away and is adding one when we borrow from the next column, but I know with some more practice she will remember. We also really focused on time telling and the girls are really getting that too. We also continued our skip counting and multiplication using my new found techniques.

nature study

Next week I want to practice more borrowing, review carrying, and start focusing on money again.  I also want to continue with the time telling. I have a little clock that I want to bring out so that I can quiz them on the spot and not only rely on worksheets. I am also thinking of buying a wall clock that actually has numbers on it as ours doesn’t. I really like the typical old school type clocks that you see in, well, schools. I really like this one, and this one.

We also completed our Ancient China study in which we made a dragon puppet, paper fan, learned about the Great Wall of China, and drew the map and labeled cities. We also read through the Ancient Africa chapter in our SOTW book learning about how the Sahara Desert used to be full of grass, people, towns, and animals. I thought that was pretty cool as I never knew that! I would like to focus on Ancient Greece too, but I may wait till a little later in the year. I don’t want to skip around too much.

We also moved on from cursive letters to cursive sentences. The girls are doing pretty well but definitely need a lot more practice. Instead of journal writing this week I had them write a letter to their Uncle (my little brother) who is in Marine boot camp right now. It was nice and a great way to practice their writing and spelling skills.

We also started creating an action verb word list and also started finding nouns and action verbs in sentences. I really like using The First Language Lessons as it makes it easy for me to teach these grammar skills as well as makes it easy for the girls to learn. They enjoy it and don’t give me a hard time. And honestly when I was a kid and still now to this day, I was never able to remember what was what, so I am actually learning them again with the girls. I still get confused though and I think it’s because I take things way too literal.

Hunter lemonhead press

We are also continuing to practice spelling the days of the week. For some reason the girls are having such a hard time remembering them. We have been working on them for several months now and they are still really rusty in spelling them. Oh well, I know they will learn them eventually. I just have to have trust in that.

Next week is the week leading up to Valentines Day, so I want to incorporate some little Valentines Day projects and baking. I am thinking of making these and these with them.

Anyone have any tips on how to teach spelling that will stick? All my techniques do not seem to be working right now!

Till next week!


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    Hiya! My little is only three but planning on homeschooling. I really appreciate that you have blogged each week, and wrote out the monthly recaps. I have devoured them since I have not found another blogger that writes about their homeschooling experience like you! Thank you for this wealth of knowledge. I am in the same boat as you, not religious and have choose similar education materials (in a list) to use. Appreciate the the idea behind the Classical method but worried about using too many workbooks. I love most of the Waldorf philosophy but your blend of the two seems ideal. Thank you for your insight and for writing truthfully and honestly about your experience. Cheers!

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      Oh thank you so much! I’m glad to hear that I’m reaching someone out there. If you have any questions or want me to touch on a certain topic please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them! Thanks again!

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