Relaxed Homeschool Weekly Roundup

wynwood walls

So this past week was probably the most relaxed week we have had this whole school year. I just didnt feel like doing much school, but not in a bad way, just in a relaxed way. It wasn’t based on stress and feeling overwhelmed, I just simply wanted to give the girls and myself a bit of a break.  I do think that I am beginning to feel a bit bored of our schedule. We do much of the same things each day and I guess I am starting to feel that. The girls don’t give me too much trouble, so I’m not sure if they are bored too, but I am.

So while we did do some stuff every day, it was kept short and sweet. The girls read to me every day, I read our Little House on the Prairie Book, we did a Valentine’s Day project, unfortunately none of the ones I had planned, but we did make a cute card for Luis. We took a trip to the Library and got a bunch of books, even an audio book. There are just so many books to choose from that I can begin to feel overwhelmed. Lilly is really interested in reading chapter books but still requires me to read them to her, so in an effort to let them listen to more chapter books other than the one I read to them, we checked out Lemony Snicket’s first book in the series to listen too while we drive around in the car. Everyone really likes listening to it too, including myself. We are 5 chapters in and really loving it so far.

So some of the subjects that fell to the waste side the past week was math, spelling, grammar, and cursive (we only did it once). I’m sure there is more, but I cant think of it right now.  With that said, I didn’t miss at all! It’s nice to have a break, it really, really is!

Because we just finished reading a chapter about Ancient Africa and the Sahara Desert, I had Luis teach them about deserts this whole past week. They drew a map of Africa, adding details to it, and we checked out a book from the library about deserts too. I think the girls really liked that. I guess it could be looked at as a unit study? We also used oil pastels and drew a picture of the desert from our book. The girls’ pictures turned out awesome, but I think we need to practice copying because Hailey always wants to do her own thing. I know copying isn’t very artistic, but I think it would be a good skill to have either way. She kept drawing cacti in random places, not using the correct colors, etc. I just want her to be able to follow directions and copy what she sees when she is asked.

Hailey also started becoming interested in reading on her own too. She picked up a library book and really tried to read it on her own. She still needs some help, but she was so happy with herself it made me elated. She always looks at reading like the plague, so hopefully her feeling will start to change soon.

The weekend was also great too. Valentines Day was spent at home with donuts and chocolate for breakfast, and playing outside all day. In the evening we took some pretty cool family pictures in Wynwood near downtown Miami. It was fun and now we have some great pictures for us and for the site. Above is a little peek into our photo shoot, but we plan on posting more throughout the sight.

The day ended with dinner at Shake Shack and tired kids and a very tired mom.

This next week will be a short one with Presidents day, but I am looking forward to what unfolds. Thanks for stopping by!

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