Relaxed Homeschool Wrap-Up Week 6

relaxed homeschool week 6

Another week down and things are still going well over here! I am very happy to report that by the way. We have continued with the more relaxed approach to homeschooling, with the girls being able to choose what they want to do a little bit more, and with me not writing any sort of plan out until after we have completed the activities. We finished up a few things this week which always makes me feel good. We finished reading The Little House in the Big Woods and started Matilda, and our Australia study and started our Sweden study.

We started talking about our 5 senses with the sense of touch. I printed out a graphic of a hand and used it to symbolize touch and had them glue down different feeling items. Cotton balls for fluffy, sand paper for rough, tape for smooth, pasta for hard, and lentils for bumpy. I got the hand graphic from this site as well as the whole idea. I plan on doing a little project for each sense. They seemed to enjoy it and it was just as easy to put together.

We also finished our first chapter of The Story of the World and colored the map and coloring page associated with it. We also made cave drawings using paper grocery bags and crayons. I had to try and not be too controlling over the project but also try and keep them in line with keeping it more authentic than not. They of course want to color rainbows and use all of the crayon colors, and they at first didn’t understand why they could only use black, brown, and red colors, and also why drawing smiley faces didn’t exist in cave drawings. I also wanted them to have fun and not be so uptight about it, but I wanted it to be more authentic. Anyways….

We also completed our 2nd week in our math block, introducing even and odd and teaching them how to do division using their fingers. They saw that once they knew their times tables, they were able to do division a lot faster than they would have been able to do by using manipulatives. I am so happy at how much they are both learning and understanding new concepts so quickly. In teaching even and odd numbers, I used the phrase “hmm….how odd that this little dot doesn’t have a best friends. That is so odd and sad..” They loved it and it helped them in remembering that little concept. Also since they know their 2’s times tables, they also understand that all even numbers are in the 2’s counting. Lilly has it down pat, but Hailey is not quite there yet, almost, but not fully.

We continued in our First Language Lessons Book 1 and have been finding that the lessons are quite repetitive and boring, so I actually skipped a few lessons and just completed lesson 9. The girls are doing well with telling apart common and proper nouns.

I bought these really cool coloring books by Just Add Color through Amazon, and the girls have gone nuts over them. They are so cool and they have not stopped coloring in them all week. We bought the Circus, Folk Art, and Day of Dead books. I love anything that isn’t your run of the mill stuff, especially when it comes to over commercialized princess stuff, so these books were perfect and not to mention really, really, cool.

If I didn’t believe in our journey of homeschooling enough, this week we received the girls’ SAT scores from the last school year. And let’s just say their results were terrible. From a score of 1-99, Hailey got a 1, which I don’t even know how that is even possible, and Lilly didn’t do much better than her. To me, it was like they were just sitting in their seats during this test, staring off into space, and not answering anything. They were able to do this and get away with it because there are so many other students that these overworked teachers have to pay attention to. I truly believe that Hailey has been daydreaming this past school year and nothing was done about it. Now that she is home, she can’t get away with her daydreaming, so in result, she is actually learning. To see these terrible scores and how school officials use these scores to determine how your child is doing, is just scary. Seeing how smart Lilly is, and how much both of the girls have learned, especially Hailey, in such a short time, it just doesn’t seem fair for all of the children that are in school right now. It feels like they are literally set up to fail. I am just so happy that I can throw those scores away and not even worry for one second how this will affect their learning. It won’t affect them at all because they are smarter than those scores, they better than those scores, and those scores can rot and die.

relaxed homeschool week 6

finishing up our Australia study

relaxed homeschool week 6

cave drawings

relaxed homeschool week 6our touch hands

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