Relaxed/Waldorf Method Homeschool Week 4

kiwi crate homeschool week 4

Well this past week of homeschool was much of the same as any of the other weeks. I guess we can view that as a good thing right? We continued to work on our Saints & Heroes block, rounding out our 2 week block with the story of Rabia of Basra. The girls made a clay cave and we worked with beeswax for the first time. In the beginning it was a little hard to work with the beeswax because it was just so damn hard. But, the girls finally got the hang of it. They made Rabia, a fire pit, a bed, and Rabia even was able to roast marshmallows over her fire! Hah! This week we are starting our second math block. Again it will only be a 2 week block, which I like, because it really breaks it up. 2 weeks really can go by fast, but we still are able to accomplish quite a bit. Both of the girls know their 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s counting almost by heart. This is a big improvement from only a week ago where Hailey didn’t get it at all.

I also posted a monthly recap to help me put things into perspective and I really think I will keep doing it. I do have a lesson plan book that I write everything down in that we do every day, but it is broken up by days and doesn’t really show me how much we actually finished and accomplished. The monthly recap really did the trick.

This week we are also finishing up our My Body project. This is the official first thing/project that we have finished that wasn’t just an afternoon thing. I am proud of the girls. I honestly don’t know how much information they have retained from the readings of the organs and body functions, but whatever; it’s the act of doing something and then completing it.  My sister sent us over a few Kiwi Crates to do and the kids really loved it! Our first crate was all about spies and disguises. They made masks, a periscope, and had a cool invisible ink pen and pad of paper. I cant wait to do the next crate with them!

As the days go by I can see myself getting more and more frustrated with the girls. I also can tell that I am putting pressure on myself without really noticing. The more we get done every day, the more I write down for us to do the next day. I originally told myself that I wasn’t going to write anything down until the end of the day after we completed whatever it was we ended up doing that day. I wanted it this way so that I wouldn’t put that pressure on the girls and myself. But I guess once you start to use some sort of curriculum that pressure kind of just naturally happens. This morning (Monday) I had a set plan for our lessons and I could tell that I was getting antsy and becoming short with my temper because we weren’t starting our day in the way I wanted to. I was already anticipating a hard day because I was already feeling this way and we still had so much to “do” according to what I had written in my lesson book. This is exactly the position I so didn’t want to end up in! So, even though we did do everything that we set out to do, accept the individual reading, the morning went better than expected. However, the first day of math, written math I should add, was rough. Who would have ever thought that addition and subtraction would be harder for little kids to do than multiplication and division?! I mean really!?! Hailey was completely blank when it came to counting out her acorns, adding them together, or taking some away, and Lilly could just not copy the board even if it saved her life. It was rough needless to say, but we completed it and they did great once we went to multiplication and division. I thought I would have never been able to say that…I guess I should thank the Waldorf Method for shedding some much needed light on how to teach kids these concepts.
Anyway, enough ranting for now…please enjoy some pictures of this past week!


Hunter learning how to draw a bird during art lessons

homeschool week 4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we baked chocolate chip cookies

homeschool week 4

we painted the Great Barrier Reef for our Australia study

waldorf method saints and heroes

Rabia of Basra clay cave and beeswax model

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