My role as a homeschooling dad

My role as a homeschooling dad  Everglades national ParkI am really looking forward to the prospect of me being able to contribute my part in the homeschooling of my kids. This is such a big step for me because in the past, Katie has done all of the teaching, tutoring and anything related to their schooling. I feel that it’s important for me to play a much bigger role in their homeschooling, especially since both of our daughters will be homeschooled this time. I feel that with my broad range of experience in many fields of work and all of the crazy hobbies I have, it will give me the ability to teach them a variety of subjects and skills that I know they will enjoy.

How I am preparing

upstairs office being cleaned
Right now I am in the middle of arranging my work schedule to allow me to have free time throughout the week to help with the kids. Since its summer, I have just been taking the girls on little outings, and I also have been cleaning out my office to prepare some space for them for the upcoming school year. I feel that bringing them to my office will not only give a change of scenery for my kids throughout the week, but also give Katie a break the days that I have them with me. I am also trying to keep my expectations in line. I have to remember that my children are 6 and 8, so I have to keep the activities age-appropriate for them. Once school starts again, I plan on doing more educational activities with them during the week.

I am planning to do a lot of hands-on activities things that I hope will be fun for them and teach them at the same time. These types of activities will help them build basic problem solving and critical thinking skills while using their imagination. These are some of the most valuable skills we teach our kids. Problem-solving, critical thinking, and imagination are things that will translate to any situation in life.

What am I planning to do with them?

Science and Electronics

Thankfully I am still a kid at heart and I have a lot of gadgets and toys laying around. I hope with these toys I will be able to show them the basics of electronics, computers, astronomy and science.

Here are some examples of hands-on electronics

  • Taking a computer apart and putting it back together
  • Taking some old electronic toys apart and seeing what’s inside of them
  • Taking apart old printers to see how they work
  • Building basic robots or RC toys

Field trips with my kids.

kids looking at grasshopper Everglades national Park

I am also planning to take them on field trips whenever possible. We are in the process of trying to gather yearly passes to some of the kid friendly attractions in our area. Not only am I planning to take them these attractions, I will also bring them with me to work. Since I work on my own, most of the time this shouldn’t be a problem.

Hands-on with my kids at work

I do a lot of odd and end jobs when I am working on vehicles or equipment. I will be showing them the basics of tools, what they are called, how they look, and how to use them. Most of the stuff I do today that has to do with any kind of mechanical work was built off of what I learned from watching my dad repairing various things when I was a kid. I hope that having them around me and watching me work will allow for some of that knowledge to be passed to them as well.

I hope they like history

I also hope to be able to teach them history. One of my dreams was to become a history teacher. I even contemplated going to college to become a history teacher. So in a funny way I will still be able to teach history, which is one of the things that I love.

How about the future

I have more up my sleeve if they show any signs of interest in any of these subjects, but if they don’t, I hope I can help them develop the love of learning that I have. I feel that one of the most important things we can teach our kids is how to learn and give them the ability to teach themselves. I hope that I can pass on to my kids the tools they need to think out of the box.


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