To Take A Break Or Not To Take A Break?

homeschool breaks

With Christmas being only a few days away and knowing that the next two weeks will be cut short as far as school goes, I am beginning to contemplate just taking the rest of the month off and all the way until my mother leaves us, which is on January 12th.  I know I had originally said that we were going to have school on all the days that aren’t holidays until the 31st, but I am so ready for a break. I am thinking that maybe just listening to my inner self and my stress levels might just be the best thing.

I have been really stressed this past week with the kids. My tolerance and patience levels are at a critical low and I truly believe that taking this time off may help out. Another reason why I am considering this and not going crazy with guilt of the kids possibly not learning what they should is because they have done so well with their recent reviews that I have given them.  Their retention of the all the math topics that we have covered so far has been really good, their reading has improved greatly since the beginning of the year, and they have really been doing well this year overall, so I feel that this break would be helpful and not detrimental. I will still be posting what we have been doing during the weeks, but I don’t think we will be doing any school. Maybe some reading will happen, maybe not, but I will try keep these weeks busy with fun things and try not to get so stressed out. Even though we wont be doing school, I can still use my list of ways to ease the bad homeschooling days during our off days!

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