004 Meditation self improvement and tiny homes

Tiny house school bus conversion

We explore the big picture of tiny homes and how they relate to self-improvement and simplification. We go into techniques we’re using to help us prepare for the transition into a tiny home.

Podcast 004 Meditation transcript

Hey guys, thanks again for downloading my podcast. I’m super excited to be here with you today. To bring you something that might be considered a little bit unrelated to this topic of the school bus and where we are going. For me this whole journey let me start here.

I’m always trying to find ways to improve myself. Like for instance the bus, this school bus that we are doing. I know some people might think that it has nothing to do with it but to me I look at it as a tool for self-improvement. Scale down to lower my costs. To hopefully bring my family closer together. To be able to move from where we are at. You know help us achieve the dreams that we think we want.

At least help us explore that possibility. And along the side of this the school bus project, you have to start doing a lot of mental preparation. If you guys are thinking of doing this. Moving it to a kind of small tiny house or school bus or whatever it is, whatever that case might be that you guys are trying to, the path you guys decide to go on. This is a pretty big leap for some people to move from these relatively huge houses. Even if you have an apartment its huge compared to a tiny home. At least versus the one we are building in a school bus.

I mean it works out to roughly 275 sq. ft. It’s small when you think about it. It’s a pretty big move in the sense of all the stuff that you need to do to kind of prepare for it. But besides preparing for it like getting rid of all of these unneeded things that just clutter your house or your apartment that you live in right now you need to really start to mentally prepare yourself.
Now I am a spiritual person but I am not necessity a religious person. For the most part most of the stuff out there I’ve either been totally against it or felt that it was kind of like hokey. Or I’m there; I’m always working on my self-improvement books. I’m always looking at all of these different things. And I read a lot of these books but for the most I always have a little voice in the back of my head telling me that it’s hokey.

Even if I’m by myself in my office and I’m trying to follow any of the steps or any of the recommendations that these people give you feel embarrassed to just sit there and walk through these steps. I feel like, it almost feels like I have somebody watching me and I’m embarrassed. Like I’m up on stage and I’m trying to do these things. The only word I have to describe it is embarrassed.

But I really want this tiny home. This whole thing to work, not only for my family but for myself. I want something more than just I guess I’ve had, and what the norm is. So the new thing that I have been trying is mediation. And again people might think what does this have to do with tiny homes.

If you think of mediation, at least the way I am thinking of it right now, meditation is trying to teach from what I understand. I’m not any mediation expert or anything I’m just trying to figure all of this stuff out myself as I go along. I am just bringing you this information. The little that I have read and that I have tried so far, it basically is telling you to try to think and remove all of these unwanted thoughts and all of this craziness that is going on in your head and try to empty out your thoughts as you’re mediating and try to either… I have no better way to say it. Just empty it out.

You can be happy with yourself and not be having all of these crazy thoughts come in and out and let me tell you if you have ever tried it or not. I’ve really never tried it until recently. It’s a lot more difficult that what you would think. You sit there and you close your eyes. And you try to just be silent. Just think of breathing. That’s the kind of method that I have been using. A little bit more successful for me imagining my breath coming in and out. But as you’re doing this all of these crazy, not even crazy thoughts you just start thinking about oh I need to do drop this off or oh I need to go call my wife because of this.

It’s just you know a constant barrage of thoughts coming in and out. Now here’s where it comes back around to the tiny house. so there’s this new TV show called tiny house nation on I think the channel is FYI, I’m not sure what channel or what depending on your cable. I don’t even know if they are carrying that channel, I’m not sure. I have DirecTV and I am able to get it. I don’t know what number the channels are. I don’t even know what day it comes on I just put it to record and it just shows up in my DVR and I watch it.

But I have been able to watch a couple of episodes with my wife and they go through the process. Building this house. Either the people are having an issue getting it done or whatever the case might be. There’s a certain segment of this show where they pull out some containers and they tell you can only take the stuff in your house that fits in these containers. It’s usually plastic tub containers where you can put like your Christmas lights in. I think they are like 55 gallons. I’m not sure what size.

Anyways it’s just a couple of feet by a couple of feet. Maybe 3 feet by 2 feet. Then like 3 feet tall. And you need to fit everything in there. You know I’m sure you can fit a little bit more in that house, whatever tiny home you’re building but they use it as a metaphor to how you need to declutter all of this stuff in your house to make it fit in this tiny house.

So it’s kind of like for me at least like mediating. You have this junk all around you. And you’re trying to empty it all. Get rid of all of this junk or empty it out just for a little bit at least when you are mediating. And just fit the stuff that gives you peace just as far as I understand into the small space. For me that small space is my thoughts. I am there mediating and all the junk that can’t fit in that container are all of these thoughts of just busyness in my head that don’t ever give me a minute to relax and to focus on just being okay.

A lot of this tiny house stuff is just about being okay with being okay. So it’s been relatively the mediating has been pretty tough for me to be honest. You know I have been looking on the internet and trying to find these … what’s been working for me is thinking of breathing. And I have been trying to go and look for different methods of doing it and every day for the most part I search for guided mediation videos of YouTube. Or people that put out audio of mediating. And it’s been tough. I try to do like 50 minutes of it and usually if I’m lucky … let’s say I have done it about 15 to 20 times. I have attempted to meditate.

Out of those 15 to 20 times I have only made it through a 12 minute meditation. I think once. For the most part its usually halfway to three quarters of the way before I just okay great, let me turn it off and I start searching my rankings for my website or whatever the case might be. I start going off to work to do something else. It’s tough. So here’s where it goes back in to the tiny house, I’m thinking I’m ready to do this big step, which I am , and I am thinking that I am going to be okay with getting rid of all of the stuff that we have. And I really don’t know until the time comes. I mean it’s going to be tough because when you see these people trying to fit this stuff in this tiny house. All this stuff into a container. I could see them struggling.

The funny thing about it is that in the show they come back 2 or 3 weeks later to see how the family is doing, and they definitely end up stuffing a lot more stuff into their tiny home other than what fits in that one container. You come back and there is like stuff hanging off the walls and stuff hanging in the hallways and they are finding ways to stuff all of these things into this tiny house. And I understand why because it’s pretty extreme to see this little tiny thing that they expect all of their belongings to fit there. I guess they go back to the mediation part.

It’s kind of like that. You’re sitting there and like mediating and you kind of remove all these thoughts and you are just focusing on breathing for few minutes and it’s oh look I’m getting it done. And before you know it the thought of look I’m doing it you end up at I need to go to the grocery store and buy some ham. It’s ridiculous the way that works.

So you know for me at least this is a big overarching type thing. The whole entire, my whole life. I am really trying to change my whole life and my whole thought process. Just about everything to hopefully make this transition better and successful. I really want this tiny house of whatever you want to call it to be a life changing event for me and for my family. I really want to be in a different place. I really want this to work. I don’t know which other way to say it. I want my life to change. I want my life to be happy. And I really want this to work. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. And I know there is going to be huge changes and I need to do it in my life to make, to allow this to be what I want it to be.

So that’s about it. And another thing I am going to start going through my journey of this mediation and it might not even be meditating to be honest. Because I am exploring all different self-improvement methods of bettering my life and hopefully it will trickle down to my kids and into my family. And hopefully get us a little bit more centered and b okay with ourselves and where we are at.

So I’m going to start bringing you all of this information as I walk through the steps. The books that I am reading. How I’m doing. If I change my mind on mediation. And if I stop mediating. If I’m trying something else. This process will be brought to you guys. So I hope you guys enjoy that. And thank you again for listening. Send me your emails. Your comments. I really enjoy them. Talk to you guys next time.

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