013 Thanksgiving, Freedom, Restoring Cars, Tiny House, and Homeschooling How Is It All Related

Tiny house, homeschooling, restoring cars freedom

First things first, thank you for listening, we are very grateful for all of the support that you have been giving us and without you none of this would be possible. This week we go into everything that we’re doing and how it relates to each other. How does such diverse subjects and topics that we are discussing on our website, YouTube, and the podcast have to do with each other. I try to explain how all of these things come together to form the bigger picture.

Podcast 013 Thanksgiving, Freedom, Restoring Cars, Tiny House, and Homeschooling How Is It All Related transcript

Hi guys thanks for downloading today’s podcast since it is a short week and Thanksgiving weekend, I really don’t have the chance to sit down and record a proper podcast. I wanted to make sure I got something out there for you so, when you are driving around and running your errands and going from place to place you had something from us, at least a short one, to be able to get you between one spot and the other. I know for me having the podcast that I enjoy listening to on these holiday weekends is very important so I am running back and forth. I really don’t like to listen to normal radio anymore or talk radio. I enjoy listening to my podcast especially over the long weekends or holiday weekends road trip having podcast that I enjoy listening to me available to me is very important. I wanted to make sure I got this out there for you so before I get started on the podcast.

I also wanted to say thank you so much for all of the support you have been giving us, the YouTube channel is growing in support, views and comments and all of it is extremely inspiring to see all of the support that you have been giving us. The website views are up tremendously, we are working very hard on trying to bring in more and more content and hopefully soon we are really trying to put in a content strategy multiple fronts so we can get you more information to you, so you can get the information you like. This is all possible because all of the feedback you have been giving us. The feedback is super important because it allow us to tailor made our content, to bring you exactly what you need because without your feedback we are just here shooting in the dark and just kind of going with what we think. You want to read, listen to or whatever the case might be, it is outstanding. The feedback that you guys have been giving us is tremendous.

I have been getting a lot of emails just thanking me for the stuff I am doing and asking for specific things about the cars. I am working on and the stuff that Katie is teaching the kids and the different books. We are really going to be start answering those specific questions you guys are asking us and bringing you the information that you are asking for. I am going to be putting out a series of videos on the cars that I have been working on and you can say why all of a sudden I am bring you videos on cars? Somebody when I was talking to them on the phone I was working on a desk on an old vintage steel desk and he wanted to see if I have any picture and really I wasn’t taking any pictures of it. He asked if I could put it on YouTube and on the website and you know what I am going to do it. You might ask what is this to do with a tiny house or anything like that this has everything we are doing in our lives is to support and make our tiny house possible.

For us I have spoken about in another podcast before the tiny house is a reflection of our life and what we are trying to accomplish here. We are not just trying to live in a tiny house because of something that’s cool or a hip thing to do, the tiny house is a reflection of a whole life model. The tiny house is giving us a certain freedom that we are trying to achieve with all aspects that is why we are talking about home schooling because it is an awesome and another reflection of our life. It is diversion, a mirror refection of the tiny house and I know that you might think that home schooling, tiny house, fixing a vintage desk has nothing to do with each other but it has everything to do with they are exactly the same, at least the feeling and the outcome, what it is providing for our family is the freedom to do certain things in our lives and the ability to be free. Our version of freedom that we are trying to reach is unexplainable. I have been sitting with my wife not too long ago and I was trying to come up with back and forth brain storming, like can we come up with a word that when somebody asks us what we are doing and trying to accomplish try to like sum it up in one word and we were going back and forth with freedom, liberty and sovereignty all of these things back and forth. We are trying to come up with a little phrase to explain everything because if you just come by the website really quick and you just put up a post on truck that, I am working on and now I am going to put up a post and a series of post on that and I continue to put more post on that truck. Also now I am working on a post for this vintage desk if you were to come by and see this home schooling stuff about the school bus.

Let me talk about the school bus for a second, I know I am kind of varying off, but I am going back to working on a school bus like soon so there is going to be many more videos coming. I haven’t been able to work on it in the past month and a half because I have these too huge projects that I was in the middle of and I just couldn’t get the time to work on these vintage truck I was working on and this other job, I do here in the nursery between those two things it is basically has kept me busy like beyond. When you add on top of the computer work that I do those have kept me so busy that I really haven’t had any time to like break away to work on this bus, but the truck is basically done. I have another two or so weeks to go, really the two weeks in not two weeks of working I should be paying you within two weeks or so and I will be able to get back to the bus.

This version of freedom that we are trying to achieve here is hard to explain and we are really working on, how to explain it because like I said, when you come to this website, it looks like it is all over the place. There is home schooling, school bus, the truck now this desk that is coming soon. It just looks scattered but it is all a unified movement that we are trying to move. All of this has to do with, each other we are moving our life in this direction to be able to be fully self supportive in all aspects. Being able to live rent or mortgage free or as close to it as possible because of the bus, be able to move from place to place and not have to worry about being stuck in a certain city, being anchored to a certain place and this big burden or mortgage topple you. Hopefully we will be able to buy a piece of land if we need to basically buy it cash that is what we are trying to achieve. The same thing with jobs that I do the restoring cars and all of that; it’s a part of that, it allows me to be able to bring large amounts of money into my family and I can work on my own, by myself and not have to worry about working for anybody at any specific place. The computer work I do some people are even asking me to put information on the website and put some videos on computer studies that I do and that is another topic that is in a whole other direction. The stuffs I do in computers are like; virtual servers, server farms and setting up esx servers (8:10) and storage it is just like another topic, totally different from all this other stuff. It will target a completely different audience, these work that I do is to allow us to be wherever we are. In theory what we are trying to achieve here for the most part we are on that path to getting there. The things that I do and bringing to the website is to give examples of things we are doing to be able to get us financially freed of a certain location and a certain job. That I am not working at a place that I need to be there from 9-5 and if I need to come home and be with my children that I can’t, I have to ask for permission from someone. Always be scared of being fired because I came in a little bit late because my daughter was sick or not even sick I sat down and had breakfast with my daughter and now my boss is going to be hounding me because I am 5 or 10 minutes late. These are the freedoms we are trying to achieve; all of these things are things we are doing to allow us to be independent from location, jobs, bosses and people telling us where and how and what to do. All of these things are components to the life and freedom that we are trying to achieve.

What we are trying to do is show you things that we are doing and it is possible, especially from a person like me. I am going to bring out a future podcast on where we have been, if I start telling the stories what I have gone through to get to this point, out of control I really don’t want to start talking about this now because it really is going to take a whole entire podcast and I think it is important for you guys to understand but I have had a really rough patch and I know I have spoken before about being labeled with learning disability which I think is a bunch of crap and one of the main reasons we are home schooling the kids. I have self taught myself to do most of this stuff; I have had people guidance in my life. My dad had guided me in the body shop industry but, and in the computer industry God bless my dad and my parents they initially started to go to computer school with me, my brother and one of my cousins and inspired me to get into the computer industry and kind of set me off and I have been able to build all of these skills.

These skills can be learned by anybody and all these skills can be applied it doesn’t have to be these skills can be whatever skills you are good at. You can give you the ability to be free, to build or have somebody build. Let’s say like a contractor to build your tiny home, and then after you build that tiny home it gives you the ability to have that stress of a mortgage or rent or whatever the case might be to be lifted from you. It gives you the freedom to start looking at different types of job opportunities or different types of career so you could start using that extra money that you are not spending on a mortgage to be able to study or improve your craft or whatever it is you are good at all of these things are pieces of the puzzle to give you that freedom you want, to help you design. We are here trying to design our life or exactly the way we want it to be. All of these things they tiny house, home schooling, working on classic cars, the computer work, restoring classic furniture. All of this stuff are things that allow our family to be free, we are creating our own opportunities so we can pick up, go and be and do what we want to do and where we want to do it. Now are we there yet? No we are working very hard to achieve these things on the website, podcast and very hard on the YouTube channel and working hard on these different projects, work that I do and not to mention the stuff Katie does. Katie has a whole set of other online businesses that she does, a lot of stuff selling through Amazon that she makes money from there and bring the money into our family. There we sell a lot of stuff on eBay and also bring a significant amount of money through eBay. All of these things that we do are pieces of the puzzle to hopefully give us that freedom that we are looking for. The freedom to allow me to sit and be with my children twice a week for home school, to know that they wake up in the morning and I go and do some of my work in the morning and I can come back and sit down with my daughter and help them brush their teeth and eat breakfast with them, this is so important to us. All of these components work together and that they are all related, they all have something to do with each other. I know that this podcast is a little bit out of the normal maybe it is normal you guys let me know. We are really here trying to show you what we are trying to design. A life where designing is purposeful. We are doing this on purpose all if this stuff doesn’t look like it have anything to do with each other it does. It is our life; it is the life we are making to give us that freedom that we are looking for, it is so important to us.

I am going to close this up right now, I said this was going to be a short podcast, it is about 15 minutes or so, I just wanted to thank you guys for all of the feedback, support you guys have been giving us if you have any questions or request you can reach me at [email protected] or you can reach Katie at [email protected] You can go to the website at lemonheadpress.com and you could leave a comment there on any of the polls and we will get back to you there. You could go to the YouTube channel and search lemon head press on there and leave a comment there on any of the videos, I would really appreciate it if any of you guys download us through iTunes and if you can you van leave an honest feedback there, it I very important to us. It really allows us to be found on YouTube, the ratings on YouTube give us the ability to move up and down in different areas and when people search for home schooling and tiny homes and things like that on iTunes we can pop up and makes it easier for you to find us. In closing, I hope you guys have a happy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is something that is very important to us because of the family we get to see that we don’t normally see and it give us that purposeful day a year to be thankful for. We need to realize that everybody has something they have to be thankful for and no matter how miserable it might seem it can always be worst. I am very thankful for my family, having you guys there to listen to me. I am very thankful for the place, I am at right now, that even though I might be struggling financially about some money that was supposed to come in and didn’t come in but, I still have my family and able to feed them. All of these things that I am so thankful for that could get worst. I hope you guys take the time and sit and think about the things you are thankful or you can start to realize there is a lot of stuff to be thankful for even if you may not be having the best time financially or whatever it is. Thanks so much and I will be talking to you guys next time, bye.

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