014 Katie’s Thought on The Tiny House and Scaling Back Our Life

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This week Katie gives her thoughts on our tiny house and our new direction. Also, she goes into scaling back in her new outlook on life and where we should focus our attention.

Podcast 014 Katie’s Thought on The Tiny House and Scaling Back Our Life transcript

Hey guys, thanks for tuning in. So today’s podcast I have Katie here again.

Katie: Hey

Luis: Hi. I thought that she’s definitely more involved with our whole entire life, obviously than just home schooling. And I thought that, it would be important to have her here, talk a little bit about everything else that’s going on. Like her thought on the school bus. What does she think about the tiny house, and her opinion, a woman’s opinion on this. I think it’s important to kind a get her in. You’ve heard my side of the story. I think that it’s important, that you guys hear her side. So I think you were the one, that kind a came up with getting into a school bus. How did you come about, thinking of that?

Katie: Funny enough, it was actually completely my idea. I’m going to take credit for that. Yeah it was. Yeah we were researching where to move, the ultimate question. Cause living in South Florida, we’re just done with it, we got to get out of here. And coming up with such a huge decision on where to move, was very overwhelming, especially for me. I really don’t like change. It just kind of freaks me out. Deciding where to move, by doing research online, just doesn’t seem like the right way to go about it. And the only real place that we ever spent any time in is Durango, Colorado, where my Mom and my sister live. That place is beautiful and wonderful, and I would love to live there, but it’s very expensive.

Luis: It’s almost as expensive, as it is here in Miami. In some ways even more expensive.

Katie. It is more expensive, I think. Coupled with the fact that, it’s such a small town. There aren’t as many opportunities as far as jobs, and stuff out there. Than here in Miami, just a sprawling city. So we started looking in Nashville. Texas has always kind a been in the back of our minds. But it just kind a became overwhelming. I was kind a, you know what. I just want that freedom. I just started craving the freedom, of not having to like worry about, rent or mortgage. Or where we gonna move, how gonna live. Just all this stuff like that. We’ve been married for about 9 years, and we still don’t have a place to call our own. We’re currently living in my Dad’s extra house. I guess if you wanna say on his nursery. We just want something to call our own, but we’re just not financially in the right spot to buy anything.

Luis: Right. The houses around here are just so expensive.

Katie: Yeah. And just anywhere. It’s such a big commitment. So that’s why I was thinking. Hey, you know what; I think Luis mentioned buying land somewhere. And then living on a trailer, and then building our own home or something like that. I was just like, a trailer in my head. I have that like vision.

Luis: A trailer park

Katie: A trailer park.

Luis: A Fema trailer.

Katie: I don’t want to sound snobby, but that is not my cup of tea. So then I was thinking, I don’t know. I guess I was researching online, and I came across like a school bus conversion. I was like; you know that’s really cool. You can drive around, it’s like an RV, but it’s bigger. You can completely customize the lay out. So I kind a said to Luis, hey what do you think about this. He was, it’s okay, actually a pretty good idea. And that’s kind a how the idea started.

Luis: And basically we bought that bus like couple months, after we discussed it.

Katie: Yeah it was, next month I think would be like

Luis: A year that we’ve had it.

Katie: A year, yeah.

Luis: So I think it’s been a big learning experience, as we go along. I’m working on this and we’re doing all of this.

Katie: Yeah. I just do want to add in, that not only did this bus, opened up a lot of different learning experiences. It seems to have this whole idea has opened up a whole new,

Luis: Lifestyle for us.

Katie: Lifestyle and mind set.

Lewi: Yeah. Mindfulness mind set.

Katie: That I never in a million years, thought we would ever be. Because we were like those. Everybody basically has a mind set, that I want to buy a house. Maybe 3 bedrooms, maybe 4 depending on the kids they have, or want to have. I need to have 2 brand new cars. I need to also be comfortable. That way we can travel. That to me, was like that is, what is success.

Luis: Right. Purchasing this bus has changed.

Katie: Completely gotten rid of all of that, and changed our mind set completely. It’s very freeing. Cause now when I hear people say. Oh we wanna get a 4 bedroom house, and we have this. It’s just like, aren’t you exhausted.

Luis: It’s exhausting.

Katie: Aren’t you exhausted, just trying to like keep up. I’m not judging and I’m not belittling. Because you know what.

Luis: To each his own.

Katie: To each his own, and that’s the norm, and that’s fine. But for us, it’s a hell of a lot more desirable to be more free, and live in our own home. That the bank doesn’t own, and that is set in one spot.

Luis: We owned a house, right before the whole collapse, where the housing market collapsed.

Katie: Yeah, yeah. When we first got married we were, not forced but definitely pressured by, our mind set and our parents.

Luis: Yeah they think is a normal thing.

Katie: That you’re married, you’re gonna have a baby. You need to own your own home. We bought this tiny home, for like triple the price that it was probably worth.

Luis: Cause that’s what everybody was doing.

Katie: Yeah.

Luis: At the time.

Katie: It was a huge mistake.

Luis: It was so difficult. At that time, it was very close to the most money that I was making in my life. I was making a lot of money. Almost close to probably, close to a $1000 a week. It was all going on the.

Katie: The mortgage.

Luis: The mortgage, and the bills for this house. It was out of control. It was just.

Katie: We tried so many different things to keep that house, and ultimately we ended up losing it.

Luis: Right.

Katie: That also has instilled fear.

Luis: Fear into us.

Katie: In my mind of such a commitment. Because Oh my God. I’m so afraid of that happening again, and putting ourselves in the situation that we can’t handle.

Luis: Right. So through that experience, and purchasing the bus, and this whole mind set shift. Which I’ve been really trying to bring across, on the podcast and through the website. Where this is definitely more than just like building the school bus. Or more than just home schooling. Or more than any of these things. This is a complete and total shift, and mind set for us. And like you said, it was very liberating for us, to be able to look at things differently now. And know that, what we’re trying to strive for now is completely different. I see, like you said. See people around us, and they’re struggling in their heads, and debating about buying this huge house. Like one of our friends, they just finished selling their house. They have $100,000 sitting in the bank, and they’re stressing. They’re stressing about, being able to buy a house that is big enough, where they wanna move to. To be able to support their family. They’re looking and its like, I look at that money and its like, wow I wish I had that money right now. Because we could do so much with it.

Katie: Yeah. What’s so funny is that, once we decided to this, everybody around us was so excited for us. I don’t wanna say jealous, I don’t even know the right word, cause I don’t want to say envious either. But just almost like, in awe of our new found mind set.

Luis: Right.

Katie: And like they want that too. They want that, they want that mind set. But it’s just such a roadblock. Like your mind is such a road block. Even now I still get those roadblocks, even though I’ve seen the bigger picture.

Luis: right.

Katie: I do get those road blocks from time to time, especially living in Miami where there’s so much money here. You do fall sometimes, into thinking that more is more. So yeah, all of our really good friends, and our family were like. Wow that’s so cool; I wish I could do that. Oh I want to do that; oh I wish I could do that.

Luis: They tell me that all the time.

Katie: All the time, but nobody’s doing it. Because they still have that thought that, this is what they need, to be successful in their minds, and in other people’s minds.

Luis: Right. It’s definitely a big hurdle to jump. It’s very difficult to get to that point. So if you guys are thinking about it, and you feel like you just can’t make the decision, we understand. Believe me, we understand. It’s something that’s very hard. For instance, besides this whole bus thing. I’ve been self employed basically, just bout my whole life. And even when I worked for people, I’ve been more like a contractor, than anything else. So I remember having debates, not really arguments, but debates with Katie over working the way that I work, and working for someone. It was very difficult for her. And that for me was the beginning mind set of this. It’s just a progression. The school bus, our whole lifestyle, is a progression of me being self employed. I remember having discussions with her, about the freedom that I have. Yeah I know that with my skills, I can definitely go and land jobs, that will make me more money, than what I’m making right now. But the freedom that I have, and that our family has, cause I work the way that I work is, well for me at least, and I think not for her. It’s definitely not worth that extra $300 that I would get, or $200 a week, or whatever the case may be.

Katie: In my mind at the time, it was like okay you need to make more, so we can get more.

Luis: Right.

Katie: And it sound so silly, but I mean that’s the truth of it. You have all these certifications. It would be awesome if you could go and get a job that made a lot more money. That way we can.

Luis: Get a 4 bedroom house.

Katie: Get more. I realize how about you keep what you have, and just lower what we

Luis: What we spend.

Katie: Quote and quote need. Quote and quote want.

Luis: Right.

Katie: Then you know what. You don’t need to go get a better paying job, because we don’t have that much to even pay for.

Luis: Right. And now with that, I have the ability to come home and be with my children. Twice a week, I stop working at a certain time, so I could just come and be with them. Help with the home schooling, or help with them. Be able to come home, and eat dinner with everybody.

Katie: We personally know several stay at home moms. That their husbands work so hard, and such long hours. And they are essentially like single moms in a way. Because they are doing everything, even like dinner, bed time. The fathers don’t even come home until 10:00 o’clock at night. I would definitely wouldn’t want that.

Luis: right. And luckily with my freedom, be able to not have that happen.

Katie: Right.

Luis: And I think that, not I think. We know that with this bus, and this whole mind set, and everything that we’re trying to achieve. That would allow us to even have more freedom. We’re really trying to arrange our lives where, my job the way I work, everything is basically around you guys. Around my family. So even when I work, my kids could be around me. Certain situations of course, I need to step away, and I need an isolated place. Cause when I’m on the phone, and I’m talking to program on the other line. I can’t let the kids running around, screaming and stuff. But still, we make the appropriate arrangements, to allow that to happen. But a lot of the other work that I do, which is working on cars, restoring cars, working on all these other things. I’m able to do it, and the kids could be around me. And it wouldn’t even be an issue. So once we finally land, wherever we land, where I’m able to do this work here, with you guys next to me. So I could be with my family around me. I’m very family oriented. I really like to be with all of my family, at basically all times. I don’t have an issue with that. It’s already allowed us for that to happen. I know that once we continue down this path, it will only allow us to do it even more. I definitely feel very liberated, and enthusiastic, to be able to be on this path with my family, with you. We’re working very hard to try to achieve this. Sometimes I feel like I run out of time. That I don’t have enough time, because being with my family is important. So I really dedicate a lot of time with my family. So we really are doing this juggling act. I’m trying to juggle multiple, I call them side jobs. But finally we came to the point. We said, these are not side jobs. These are jobs. These are stuff that I.

Katie: This is what you do.

Luis: This is what I do. I use to always say; oh I got another side job, a car restoration. Or I got a network to install. I got another side job. I got a couple.

Katie: You’re a computer guy. You’re a car guy.

Luis: A nursery guy.

Katie: A nursery guy.

Luis: A mechanic.

Katie: A mechanic guy whatever. Light bulb screw guy. Just kidding.

Luis: I weld whatever. I’m always doing all these things, and I was calling them side jobs. But they weren’t, they were all jobs. I’m blessed because, since I have all of these skills, I excel on all of them. I’m able to bring multiple streams of income from, multiple locations. It allows this life style to even happen, and hopefully, with all the other things that we’re doing. Which we’re starting online businesses. We’re selling stuff through to Amazon. We selling stuff through EBay. We’re always trying to find different ways to be able to make money. To be able to bring, more than just the income that I bring. We’re really trying to diversify all of the income, from all of the different places.

Katie: We’re not necessarily trying to make more and more money. What we’re trying to really accomplish is, to almost be able to switch our income, over to almost like a virtual income.

Luis: Right.

Katie: Or an income that will follow us wherever we go. Because as of right now, most of our, if not all of our income, comes in from us being here.

Luis: In Florida, right.

Katie: In Florida. So we hope that with some Amazon selling, and hopefully any revenue, that comes from our online businesses. When you I should say, start to do the car restorations, reselling these cars.

Luis: Right.

Katie: That is something that we can essentially do wherever we go. And up that could follow us. All I personally care about is, just making enough where we’re not drowning. We’re able to cover what we need to cover, to live on the bus. Whether it’s gas and food, who knows. That’s something we have to figure out. But we don’t need enough to; pay a mortgage for a 4 bedroom house, and 2 brand new cars. I should say, and another goal of ours is, to also get rid of as much debt that we have, from here and now. That way when we do go on the bus, we don’t have these payments. Whether it’s credit cards or.

Luis: Student loans.

Katie: Well yeah. That’s probably going to be with us for a while. But these car payments that we have, which take up so much money, and it’s ridiculous. So that is another goal of ours, before we get out of here. To kind of minimize what we owe, and what we pay.

Luis: Right. So we’re starting to reach the end here. I thought that it would be important to have here, to start talking about this. Because I want her to be, definitely a part of this whole process. Of being able to give you guys, our whole mind set of what we’re doing, and how we’re doing. Hopefully you guys can find a way to do it also. To us, this has been such a liberating feeling to me.

Katie: And it’s definitely scary.

Luis: It is scary.

Katie: And that’s definitely one of the things, that holds me and many people back from making those kinds of changes.

Luis: But it’s doable. It’s not always easy. It’s definitely difficult. But it’s such a liberating feeling, to be able to be on this path. For me at least, I know for a fact that, we’re gonna reach it. Because I’ve had so many issues happen in my life that I’ve been able to work through, and get to the other end. That I know that, this is just another chapter, that we’re gonna be able to get to the other end. And be exactly where we want to be. It might not be exactly what we thought, but it will be exactly what we need. And we’re gonna be happy, because this is what we’re trying to go. And we’re both trying to achieve. I’m super happy to be on this mission. So if you guys have any questions, exactly what we’re doing, and how we’re doing it. Whether its home schooling, something on the bus. How we’re doing stuff on Amazon. Whatever the case might be. You guys cam email Katie at [email protected], or [email protected] You can also ask question through YouTube, through the website. We really try to respond to you guys as quickly as possible. So that’s about it.

Katie: Thanks for having me again.

Luis: Thanks. Yes again. I’ll be having you once more, not once more. I hope to have you a lot more. So alright guys, thanks again. Bye.

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