023 Net Neutrality and The Open Internet Scam

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This week I go into that neutrality and how it’s all a big scam. There is nothing neutral or free that will come from this new regulation.

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Podcast 023 Net Neutrality and The Open Internet Scam transcript

Hi thanks for tuning in on today’s podcast I am going to answer questions about the bus from Mal Kin, also I am going to talk about net neutrality or the open internet whatever you prefer to talk it’s a debate basically the same thing with just different clothes on and it is very important for people like us, you, me, all of us the future, our children.

Before I get started I want to thank you so much for the support you have been given them it is so inspiring, it keeps us motivated to continue to do the website, videos, podcast. You are the reason we continue to do this, you are the reason why I get up and really feel inspired to put out more information.

Katie and I are working hard on trying to bring you more stuff, different subjects and just more info. I will be sitting down with Katie today when the kids are in their rest time and we are going to record a couple of podcasts on home schooling and different subjects.

We will be bringing that to you soon and that is enough of that stuff. I am just going to get right into the net neutrality, so this net neutrality stuff which basically is coming to vote again in February 26, this is not necessarily a political thing, whether the democrats or the republicans are doing something bad or good in generality they are all trying to be sly and it’s going to make our lives a lot more difficult in the future.

Just to give you a little round-up of you don’t know what I am talking about, what they want to do is regulate the internet. Right now there is basically no regulation on the internet, which is great it allows somebody like me, somebody like you to just go out start a website without having to get any permission or having to ask anybody if they are allowed to do it or not. The same thing I am allowed to talk through a micro-phone are you are allowed to download it and listen to it, no license required.

They basically want to regulate the internet and say that it is for our benefit, that it would allow free access of information to go over the internet without any restraints on anyone. Allowing the information to flow freely from one point to another, it gets more complicated than that, but the reality that is what they are trying to sell us, the little people. The big companies are blocking whatever information they are trying to reach from reaching us and not being allowed to reach us.

I work on the internet this is what I do all the time, I have been on the internet from just about the beginning as far back as I can remember I have been on the internet. I have never had any issues; yes, sometimes things are slow, or fast.

What they are basically saying when the internet gets slow when you are trying to access Facebook, YouTube or Netflix or anything of these things is these big companies trying to block each other not allowing the traffic to go through their part of the backbone at full speed. It slows it down or speed it up depending on what peering contracts they have with these big companies. A peering contract is what happens when these big gigantic companies have a certain amount of customers that they run through their system.

We are just going to use Telephone Company and a cable company as an example. Let’s say the telephone company has a hundred users, the cable company has a hundred thousand users. They both have the same amount of users and they allow each other’s users to go on each other’s backbone on each other’s part of the internet because it is basically owned by these big companies whichever company it is it doesn’t matter.

The cost in- between them is very much negligible, it is like a toll booth. It kind of works out where we have the same amount of users and traffic so we are not going to charge each other anything, right now the way it works if another company is a smaller company and let’s say they only have fifty thousand users, now that company would need to pay the bigger company to allow their users to go through because it is a little bit uneven.

One company has a hundred thousand users and the other have fifty thousand users, so they have to pay to allow that traffic. It’s trying to break down the users as simple as possible and kind of understand it. It took me a while and this is what I do for a living. The company with the fifty thousand users would have to pay the other company to allow their traffic to flow through their portion of the internet. That is the way it kind of worked for a while and there is these peering contracts and debates, so pay more or less, sometimes it’s an even trade, that’s the way it works. In these battles back and forth it has happened where these big corporations or it could be a smaller one the one with fifty thousand.

Let’s say a big cable company; we are not going to allow you to be whatever to go over our internet at full speed. We are going to slow it down because you are charging us so much to allow our users to go there that is fine, we are just going to slow your traffic going over our internet. In theory in which it does happen theoretically the users on the other side when they try to go over their portion of the internet the fifty thousand people, let’s just say that is the telephone company, Cable Company and the satellite company.

The satellite company which has fifty thousand users would tell the cable company we are going to slow your traffic over our portion of the internet, so what happens is that if there isn’t a website on the satellite portion that the people from the cable are trying to reach that website would load a little bit slower.

This happens now, regularly all the time when there is disputes kind of like when you watch ‘Walking Dead’, if you have ever watched it. Sometimes there are these disputes where they would take off a company from satellite channel for a while; it will not just, won’t be on the cable channel or provider. This happened not too long ago when we were watching the walking dead. They were in debates with the satellite companies, when Katie and I would watch the Walking dead, there would be these big streams at the top and these bars would come out. The satellite companies are in debates, we were about to lose this if they don’t play ball and sign the contract again and they will take the channel off until the dispute is over and they have done that. They are now saying they need to regulate the internet to prevent this from happening because little people come out.

This is what they are basing their whole thing on; it prevents competition, it doesn’t allow for little people to come out and build companies. In that case they need to come and regulate it, in my opinion that is probably the last piece of total and absolute freedom that we have that anybody can just start a business without anybody tell them what they can and can’t do.
They can basically start a radio station if they want to like what I am doing right here a podcast is basically a radio station. Start selling stuff on the internet, you can go and open up a website do all of these things that you want to do.

That is just the tip of the iceberg and the things you can do anybody can create an application and put it out, anybody can create a Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, etc. The ability to do this here with no regulations, nobody can tell you what to do, how to do it on the internet. The issue is they want to regulate this and put it under the FCC jurisdiction, make it a public utility. Now, once that happens, when radio first came out anybody could be able to just go and start broadcasting over the air. There were radio stations all over the place the FCC they decided to come in and the government decided to regulate it because it is a public airwaves and now if you wanted to start a radio station you would need millions of dollars to be able to even start getting the license and the ability to even start thinking of opening a radio station.

These gigantic corporations have basically cornered the market and it is nearly impossible for anybody to start a radio station or TV station. We as the little people and little folks we still have that ability on the internet, once they start regulating it, it is only a matter of time before this what I am doing right here would require a license. In the beginning they would say you only need a certain amount a $5.00 or $10.00 or $100.00 fee, but over time like everything it is going to become unreachable and unattainable for people like us, you and I that want to be able to do what I am doing right now podcasting.

Putting out my videos on the internet and opening up a website and basically no one telling me what I can and cannot do. If you really start to read the document and try to see what is going on in there, it’s another form of regulation to regulate the last bit and total freedom we have as individuals to speak our mind and do what it is that you want to do to have the power to start a business, speak your mind with no regard to what anybody else can tell or not tell you, what you can and can’t do on the internet.
This is the last bastion of freedom, here on the internet they want to regulate it.

The government wants to regulate it and I hope over time I will not have to repeat it too much but, it’s not necessarily the democrats, or the republicans. It is both of them together, the government themselves are the ones trying to regulate us me; you from not being able to do things that we want to do on the internet.

Under the disguise they are trying to make it free-err for us. It is free already we can do what we want to do on the internet; there is no reason to regulate anything to make it more free. Regulating is like an oxymoron, regulating something to make it freer is ridiculous. We are free right now doing what we wish on the internet, we do not need regulation to make it freer it is ridiculous.

It is only going to stop us from doing the things we want to do. If you want more information about this I am going to put a link on the website, you can also send me some questions if you like. It is very difficult to get your head wrapped around and the main part here is they are saying they want to regulate it.

When you try to watch your videos you watch it without any loading. You are not allowed to watch Netflix because big companies stop the Netflix stream from going full speed. They want to regulate it so people that are watching Netflix can watch it at full speed. It is insane all of this regulation so that we can watch Netflix.

Right now if you go to your computer search, look, watch whatever you want to watch is there anything blocking you right now, this moment, go pull up your phone, open up your computer, go to a website and look for something. Does it come up? Play? Are you allowed to search for the worst things on the planet on the internet for the best things on the planet? You can find it and watch it, hear a podcast about it, read somebody putting books out about it, go to hundreds of thousands of websites about that subject that you are searching right now.

You have no issue finding that stuff, you can find and see it. How is any regulation going to make that freer? How is the government; then go and de-regulate things. In that way there is more competition.

This is only going to give more power to the big companies, this is something we have to be more against, and it is only going to make it tougher for our children and for you to be able to speak your mind on the internet.

You are going to need licenses to do these things, like I was talking about before when radio first came out you didn’t need a license and when people said that they needed to regulate it because there was only a finite amount of air space, but they said don’t worry about it, it’s not going to be an issue you are still going to be able to have your radio station and over time it got to where we are right now that you are not allowed to.

If you put up any transmitters up that is over a watt, they will come and basically find you and arrest you for having a pirate radio station. If I had a big plot of land and wanted to put more than a watt antenna out, amplifiers to broadcast on my land or whatever, know that is against the law. You need special licensing, test and equipment. On and on for you to be able to do that, so you know what it is going to happen on the internet.

It might not happen in a year or two years, but it will just happen and stop people like me, you, our children from doing this, what we are doing right now.

Know that I got that out my system; I see here that I am kind of bumping up the 20 minutes because I have been going on over this net neutrality thing and I thought it would be important to talk about it because it is the last vesture of freedom we have left, total and absolute freedom that they are going to take away and all on the backs of its not fair to the little guy.
You want to make it better de-regulate the allowance of opening up internet companies in different places. The monopolies they have placed on towns and cities with these cable companies with the DSL companies you care. If the little guy wanted to go and start a company they would basically not allow it, these monopolies that have been created by the government to not allow any company to go and start opening up a cable company in their area and be regulated, not add more rules.

To me this is absolutely ridiculous, so they are going to vote on this on February 26. They have tried to put this through a couple of times, now it is net neutrality. When you hear someone say the open or free internet they basically come to us with a different name ever so often. They are trying to push it has failed a couple of times, hopefully it will continue to fail.
I wanted to avoid talking about these kinds of subjects it is important because I am trying to do this thing here. If you read the stuff in the bill potentially it can stop someone like me. That is what I got for this week

I am going to push the questions for next week just like I said before, I really try to keep this around 20 minutes or so keep it kind of short and sweet. I will be answering the questions on the bus next week. Thank you so much for tuning in. Alright guys, talk to you later, bye.


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