024 Tiny House Questions, Where I’m I With The School Bus Conversion and Net Neutrality

Tiny house, School Bus Conversion,

This week I answer questions submitted by you. Also I talk about where I’m at on the school bus conversion and how it’s moving along. I also discussed how you should get ready for Internet regulation disguise as freedom

Podcast 024 Tiny House Questions, Where I’m I With The School Bus Conversion and Net Neutrality transcript

Hi, thank you for tuning in to today’s’ podcast. Today I will be talking about a variety of topics hopefully I don’t get bogged down with just one topic so before I get started I am going to thank you of course for tuning in and downloading today’s podcast, also for all of the support we have been getting on the website, YouTube channel and the downloads. Again this is something that is important so I want to make it clear for you to understand how much this means to me, you are the reason why I do this and my wife does this. We continuously try to make new content for you to be able to consume it, so I really appreciate it. I am going to start off by answering the questions, now the question that was asked was;
Why did I decide to cut the school bus roof?

if you hadn’t seen exactly what I did, I do have some videos talking about I raise the bus and that’s on YouTube and also there is a blog on the website lemonheadpress.com and you go there to tiny house and scroll down through it and you will find it, it’s a video explaining how exactly I raised the roof.

Since this is all the stuff I learn as, I go along, the video recording and audio recording stuff like that, I ended up losing the actual video of me raising the roof is actually a shame. When I look at it is the one of the most important thing I do on the bus and that video is lost forever but, I do have pictures and I have myself there explaining how I built it with the contraction out of farm jacks to be able to raise the school bus roof. To be honest it was pretty simple and a lot easier than I expected it to raise the roof. To answer that question the reason why I decided to raise the roof by the windows, what I did was removed all the windows from the school bus and basically left the frame around the windows maybe about 3 inches wide and I ended up cutting it from there along the whole length of the bus on both sides. Then around the back side of the bus I ended up cutting and removing the rivets from the bus on the back and on the front and like I said there are better pictures as well and explanation of this. I probably can’t do it on audio but I will try to explain this to the best of my abilities.

The reason why I did it there is it was easier for me to attach the farm jacks where I did would allow me to do the cutting and movement of the bus to the actual jacking up. If I would done it up closer towards the top of the roof and further down to the floor, it would have been much more difficult for me to do that lifting and contraction that it did to allow me to lift the bus. Also it gave me a much straighter area to be able to attach the new steel that I was going to weld unto the bus to give the support and structure back to the bus. These frames basically had like these insert that I was able to fit in one by one steel bars into it very easily. If I would have done it closer to the roof with the curvature of the roof it would have been much more difficult because then I would have adjust and bend into that steel bar to kind of have the contour of the roof. It was going to make it a lot more difficult.

This ease has come from a lot of experience I have with doing many cars and modifications I have done throughout the years. It is one of those things that a lot of time you do these modifications of cars and race cars etc. You kind of go with a gut instinct why you do it? And I didn’t have any doubt that it wasn’t going to work, it’s just something I kind of built an instinct for over my lifetime of doing this. I also have people around me that I am able to be around that have more experience than I do. I am thirty eight something like that as you get older you kind of starts forgetting at least I forget exactly how old I am. I had people that taught me how to do this and that and go to them if I ever feel doubtful about what I am doing. I go and try reach out to them and patch things out and what to do and these steps, kind of like I am re-inventing just kind of shooting from the hips and so that is the reason why I choose to do it.
Also another question that was asked was;

The roof raising was it needed to be done? and use the existing roof there and then weld on new re-enforcement with steel would it be possible to actually cut off the roof and then make all of the extension portion made out of wood and will it be safe. In my opinion is would it be safer than steel?

Obviously no building it with steel and re-enforcing it and making sure you do the right re- enforcement in there and stuff it will add that virility that you are not going to be able to get with wood on this type of project. Can you do it? yea, if you have seen that new show out there the tiny house nation, they are building these tiny houses on wheels out of wood and they are driving it around from location to location. It is completely and totally out of the wood so I don’t see why you couldn’t build a roof out of wood. Would I do it? I don’t know if I didn’t know how to weld, I guess I would do it. I choose welding because a couple of reasons and the question was surrounding that; they actually said I know you have kids that’s why you decided to weld and you know what that is one of the reasons why I am doing it the way I am actually creating like a roll bar in the front of the bus where we are going to be sitting at that extra level of safety in case that bus does flip God forbid we would have almost like roll bar like a race car does or something like that in the front of the bus.

I do have extra steel lying around, I ordered it incorrectly and I just have it there. I just want to use it why not. Is it needed? I don’t know these buses are meant to be rolled over and the re-enforcement that I am putting in the bus is for the roof raising. Everything on the bus I am building is a little over kill, so I am completely and totally confident that it will be safe inside the bus. If you made it out of wood would it be as safe as if you made it out of steel? Probably not but I don’t see why you can’t do it, if you are comfortable doing it, do it. It is something that you are going to have to speak to local people in your area as you are building it, if you are thinking of doing something like that. It is difficult when I am trying to answer these questions and I am all the way in the country, I am not seeing it so I am basically going off emails. The bottom line is can you do it? Yes! Is it going to be as safe as doing it with steel? Probably not but I think you will be safe enough. You can always do something where the driving area is at the front of the bus; build so kind of roll cage, you are going to feel a little bit better with having more safety in there at the front of the bus. It is really a decision you are going to have to make and with people around you in your area that is going to help you make a decision according to you specific build and what you are doing.

One of the cool things about doing these tiny homes you at the end of the day are the one that has the freedom to make these decisions besides a limited amount of regulation (8:35) that are around the lightening, the height, weight, certain things like that you are going to also check in with your local laws and regulations as longs as you abided by those to the very minimum you can do just about anything with these type of built which is awesome. They make sure it is road worthy and it is very minimum so you can have the freedom to make these decisions so make sure to check with your local area to make sure that what you are thinking about can be done. I can only do so much over email. Those are the questions I am going to answer this week, I have been getting a lot of questions and I am going to start answer more and more as the weeks go on and especially since I have been working more on the bus. It’s great to actually get back on the bus and be able to start seeing it moving. If you been tuning in for a while you will see that I haven’t been able to touch it for roughly over two months because I haven’t been doing these projects.

The reality is I could continue to work on the bus but I wasn’t allocating my time properly. I was spending all my time on these restoration jobs that I was doing and I really neglected the bus project so, I have really refocused my attention and have made the effort and time to work on the bus, that is a mistake I made and I am not going to make it again. I really want to make this project to move forward, let me talk about my time schedule and it has gone back to where I was before, the way I was doing it, Tuesdays and Thursdays I am able to stay home with the kids while my wife was home schooling but she is basically able to go and do other forms of income stuff to sell on eBay and Amazon. She has actually found a little niche turning out so very good used clothes and it has been working out very well. She is able to go off and do that on Tuesdays and Thursdays and do her part-time job and gets her out the house. It brings in needed income for us and allows us to bring in this extra income; it actually works out the same as if she was doing a part-time job. Those days she go out and work I stay home and do home schooling with the kids and its generally a short day I am generally done about 12-2 something and I am able to day any sort of job I have to do for other people till about 4 so it gives me a window of about 2-4 hours roughly but then start working on the bus till 7 and 8. Saturdays I also wake up between 5 and 6, I go and work on the bus from whenever I wake up to about 12-2. I have been able to throw in extra time to work on the bus here and there; it is just in addition to that time I just mapped out. That time schedule will be kept from now on. It allows me to move the project slowly but surely and moving forward. Any days I have extra I just throw it in there. It is very important to us and our family to work on it no matter what, even if it is limited amount of hours I can put in those weeks it is a bare minimum of time I can put in, in order to move it forward. I have been able to work on back slide out which is awesome finishing it up and I am just about done and start to weld it.

Over the past two weeks, I have been able to cut out bushing of the floor, mock up together the sliding components that makes the slide out the box move in and out. I haven’t decided yet either creating the box of the slide out or putting the skin back on the bus. I am debating which way to go, one of the big things is to make that slide out work I need these rollers that are going to go on the floor and I am going to put pictures with the slide out. Where it will help the actual box structure move in and out it kind of slide on top of the back of these rollers. I have been having a hard time sourcing it. It has kind of been my hang up and kind of like in limbo of building the box. It is a critical component to make sure I measure that box correctly and that I can build it once and back and modifies it later. It is kind of where I am right now with this home project and I am really excited about doing it. It feels so great to start working on the bus again, I was getting a little bit down on myself and I was talking to my wife about it. Just thinking and knowing I haven’t worked on that bus in about 2 months. That is the update on the school bus; I will be bringing you more about that information soon.

Now an update on last week podcast was basically about the net neutrality or open internet or whatever you want to call it. They basically agreed on using title 2 to regulate the carriers. Basically it is going to turn them into public utilities so they are not actually doing it yet but they said they are going to start doing it. The bottom line is they are going to use an act that was created in 1934 was created for some super old technology they need to start regulate it today.

The true free internet is going to be out the door it’s a shame in my opinion. They are going to start to regulate not only the people that run the internet but theoretically, they are going to be able to regulate people that want to put stuff on their meaning; websites, podcasters etc. The sad things about it is that one of the main things they were saying is being able to promote competition so we can get better rates etc. At the end of the day one of the things they said is that the companies are still going to be able to own their last —— (15:51) in other words, the thing of competition that will give us the ability to choose other carriers because they would have to lease out there lines to other companies. They don’t have to do it so at the end of the day they still don’t have to do one of the major complaints about it which was to foster competition that is out the door.

To me it is the beginning of the death of the true freedom there is on the internet, it is kind of like back in the day when I use to argue for the patriot for saying it is going to be so good and only for the bad guys, why are you so paranoid about this and that and the people use to tell me the patriot act was just being created. It was basically to spy on us and once all of those things came through I was completely and totally wrong at the time. Once you let the government in on any of these things it’s going to be hard to get them out. It is just there to do the worst things you can think of. Everything that my friends have told me the patriot act is going to be used for has come through and way more beyond our wildest dreams. The biggest freedom we have is on the internet and it’s brought to us on the back that Netflix will load slowly and you will be able to get better price on your internet and already the better prices on the internet are out the door because they are not going to have to lease out the last mile it is a complete and total travesty I think in my opinion. Here we go here is another patriot act coming for us it only gets worst as time goes on.

It was brought under the guys we are going to be so much freer, we are as we are right now already the internet. Welcome to the future of new laws and regulations, that not only regulate the people giving us the internet which there is already stuff in place in law right now they just need to use it will give us the ability to regulate us the regular people a little bit more. In the future when you want to start a website or start a podcast or want to start putting out music or anything you are probably going to have to go and get licensing and pass some test to prove you are capable and producing useful content and thanks to the freedom we didn’t have supposedly.

On a lighter note we are going to be putting out some new videos soon on YouTube we have had some bit of hiccup because of my computer having issues, it is like one of those things I remember when we first got into computers I use to just love to re-do my computer just about every week. I just loved it, now since I use it the way I use it I have a couple of main computers I use for all the stuff I do, it is just so much stuff that I have installed, that it becomes a mission for me to re-do it. I have been without my main work horse for about a week, so I was right on the edge of being able to put out my next video which was on the restoration job.

I had to stop because my computer was acting up I wasn’t able to get any of my office to work, Photoshop was having issue these little things just added up and it just wasn’t allowing me to work properly so I ended up having to re-do my computer so saying that is pretty much completely done today and I have been out of a main computer for about a week so over the weekend I will be able to finish that video hopefully over the weekend I will be able to put out a new video on Monday. That is it and I am so happy you downloaded this podcast, if you have any questions, please email me at [email protected], you can also leave a comment on the website, I or Katie will answer it, also you can go to YouTube and leave some comment there anywhere associated with any of the videos and we really try to get back to you as quickly as I can. There is starting to be a line of questions we are starting to answer, if we don’t get back to you within the first 2-3 days we will have some kind of answer. Thank you so much for your patience and I really appreciate all of your feedback so I will be talking to you. Have a good weekend.

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