The experience and skills needed to build a tiny home or convert a school bus

Tiny house school bus conversion

What experience or skills do you need to build a tiny home? What if you don’t have experience? Where can you get the proper guidance to develop these skills? We explore some of these questions and start exploring ways to develop these skills.

Podcast 006 experience and skills needed transcript

Hey guys. Thanks for tuning in. This week, we’re gonna talk a little bit about the experience, and the skills that you might need for a project like this. Before I even get started, I think that for the most part. Some of these things may be a little bit advanced. I think that most people cut themselves short. I think that most of these things, can be accomplished by most people, if they just give it a shot. Give it a try. I think that most of the time people, just think of whether it’s building a cabinet, or changing oil on the car, or fixing a television, or whatever the case might be. They don’t even attempt to do it. The way society is now, you just ship it out, for someone else to fix. These skills, people don’t learn them anymore. But I truly believe that most people, have the ability to do most of these stuff. If not, find ways to learn, how to do this stuff. You know, I just wanted to start off with that, because I don’t want you to feel like, you just can’t do it. Like I said, I think most people can do this stuff.

I’m gonna cover a couple of things, that I think you should start to get prepared for, if you’re not already familiar with. You gonna need some carpentry skills, some plumbing skills. In the case of like, building a tiny home, the way we are. Out of a school bus that we’re trying to do all of these conversions. You gonna need some welding, or if you’re trying to build a tiny home out of shipping containers, you might need some welding. Some mechanical, as far as like motor work, if you’re doing like us, also like a bus. Or if you’re using an RV, and you’re trying to convert that into a more permanent type of living arrangement. Or even if you’re pulling your tiny home around. You have a tiny home on wheels, and you’re pulling it around in your truck. It’s good to know a little bit, of these mechanical. So you can get in there, and change some water hoses, and change some oil, and do things like that, if you need to. Some electrical work, be like for some outlets, and running new lights, new plugs, new things like that. These are just little over compensating type of thing, where you kind a need to start to get prepared, to know these things. If you’re going to try take something on, like this. For instance, let’s go a little bit and say the carpentry. Carpentry, you would use it for building any cabinets, inside your tiny home. Putting up walls, if you’re not building a pre-made structure, you need to build a roof on it.

Building furniture inside your tiny home. A lot of this stuff, carries over from one thing, to another. So once you start to get familiar, just say with carpentry. Getting familiar with tools, and how to use them. That stuff will carry over to plumbing, and to welding, and to mechanical work, and to electrical. It will carry over, because you start to get more comfortable with using these tools, and more comfortable with your skills. You’re just gonna get better at these things. You’ll start to attempt to do these other things more, and more as you have success. So the carpentry, maybe like get a little hands on, and some familiar with like table saws, levels, screw drivers, squares, measuring tapes. These are just a couple of things that, you should try to start get familiar with. Maybe you can start with smaller things.

If you’ve never done anything like this, maybe you could start with smaller things. Like building a shelf in your house. Or if your drawers need to be fixed, say in your kitchen. Start trying to fix these drawers. These things usually when people don’t have experience, or knowledge of these things, are very intimidated, by doing these things. And the reality is, that I truly believe that most people can do these things. It’s not that difficult if you just give it a shot, just try. So another thing, to start to get familiar with is like plumbing. The reason why you need to know some plumbing, is if you gonna run. Let’s just say in our case, we’re building this tiny home. We need to run plumbing for drinking water, up to the faucets, to the toilet. To have plumbing for the toilet, for the showers. Have stuff coming out of the side of the bus, so we can hook up, water hoses, and things like that. Also the hook up.

If we go to stay in different camp grounds, we need to be able to hook up, to their water source. To be able to run it through the bus. And to be honest, I have no idea how that’s going to work. The funny thing about it, is that most of these things, that we are doing on the bus. I’ve really never done before. I’ve never built a slide out before. I’ve never built a house. I’ve never built any of these things. But I’m confident that I will be able to learn, these things as I go along. I have experience in other aspects that I’ve been able to gain throughout my life. So I’m pretty familiar with tools. I feel that if there’s things that I don’t know. I’m confident that I will be able to learn it, and work my way through it, without an issue. Well I might have some issues, but I’ll be able to figure it out. You know, maybe the basics of plumbing is something that’s important to learn. Not only for the tiny home, that you’re building. For any aspect of your life. It’s good to know these things. Even if you end up not doing it, and you need to get a plumber out there. When you start talking to these plumbers, or to the carpenters, or whatever you gonna be talking to. You can kind of have an understanding, of what they’re doing. How they’re doing it, and you can kind of start to gage, how difficult these jobs are. And be able to price it out, a little bit better.

So the skills kind of carry, like I said. The skills carry over, from one thing to another. In plumbing, you’re gonna need to know how to use a measuring tape. You’re gonna need to know, how to use, in some occasions a level, screw drivers, squares, so on and so forth. You start to see the picture how these things that you’re gonna learn to do, if you’re not familiar with. Are going to go from one thing, to another. Another thing that, in our case. If you’re building a tiny home, that’s made out of wood. Let’s just say once we get to a permanent location. The type of home that we want to build, is thinking going to be a tiny home, built out of shipping containers. You know, that’s a whole other part. A whole other discussion, that we can get into later on, later date. But these shipping containers are made out of steel. So our thought is that, we’re thinking about this. You know, these shipping containers, you should know some welding. Welding is something that is a. I’m not an expert welder by any means. I know how to weld. I’ve been welding for a while. I know how to weld enough. I weld metal together and it’s gonna stick together. I’m not an expert, but welding is something that, not that difficult, once you get the hang of it.

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