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Tiny house school bus conversion

How can you manage your time when there is not much of it? How can you stay motivated when things aren’t going your way? These are some of the questions I try to answer in this week’s podcast. I go into different things that I am doing to help with time management, stress and motivation.

Podcast 005 Eye Opening Events transcript

Hey guys. Once again thanks for tuning in, and I’m super excited to be here with you. I’ve been on this journey of self-discovery, trying to figure all of these things out. Just figure things out in general, trying to see what direction, I want my life to go. My family’s life, all of these things that are just going on, have brought a whole bunch of feelings, and a whole bunch of emotions. I’ve been stressing out kind of, with all of these new things that have been put onto my plate. Trying to figure out and juggle, my family life, my work, all of these new ventures that I’m trying. I think that it’s important that I bring it to you guys, this process that I’m going through. Because I definitely know that there is people going through, what I have and what I’m going through right now. May be if I bring to you, a little bit of the stuff that I’m doing, that has been helping me. Because you know what, I’ve been doing things that have been helping me. That has allowed me to put my mind at rest, and allow me to start focusing on other things, that are helpful to me.

So for instance, let’s start here. I have this huge project, the conversion of the bus. To be honest, I haven’t really been able to work on it, for roughly a month now. It’s been really beating me up, it’s really brought me down. Kind have been stressing me out, and making me feel like I’m just not able to accomplish, the things that I want to accomplish. I had to come to the realization that, I have a lot of things on my plate, and I’m really trying to juggle so many things at once. That I have to learn to be ok with, not being able to do everything that I want to do, all at the same time. Sometimes I’m just gonna have to let go. Not that I don’t want to work on the bus, and not that I’m like choosing to be home, and not do these things. Basically my whole day, from roughly 6 in the morning. I don’t know about 8 at night. It’s taking up with one thing or the other. Whether it’s one of the jobs that I do, to the little bit of family life. That I think is super important to me. I do spend time with my family, with my children and my wife. I think it’s very important that I have that time. I treat that as mentally. I treat it as important as any job. You have to be at this job. Whatever job you do, you have to be there at a certain time, and stay there until a certain amount of time, whatever 5:00 or so. Or whatever time you get out of work, and you have to be there. You can take some vacationing, you can take some sick days, but you have to be present to these things, to not get fired.

I treat my family time, as if it was a job. I have to be there for them on a daily basis. If not, you know the family that I want to have, will start to suffer. So saying that, my day is just packed to the brim. I started to notice myself, my motivation was not there. I’m a pretty easily motivated person, and my motivation wasn’t there. I wasn’t able to start tasks. I wasn’t able to complete tasks, and that’s bad for a person like me, because since I don’t have a regular type of job. Where I’m there from 9-5, and they just tell me what I have to do. I do what I have to do, between all of the different jobs that I do. I have to make sure that these things get done, and I have to treat them all. I have no one looking over my shoulders, so I have to do them all.
I’m the only one that’s gonna make sure, that these things get done. With all that said, it’s not a good thing, if I’m not able to start these task, or complete these tasks. I started to notice that, it was affecting me. It was making me feel basically less than, like you know, what was wrong with me. So I had to start to do this self-refection, type thing. I had to start looking what’s going on with myself, and I started to realize that, I was stressing out. Stressing out with all of these things, on my plate. Trying to figure out, how I was going to get all of these things done, and where I was going to fit the time, to do all of these things. Right before I would go to sleep, I would run all of these things that I wasn’t able to finish, run them through my head. Throughout the day, things would just pop up, things that I needed to do, and I didn’t get to it, you know. It was really getting to me. To make things worse, knowing when I go to one of places, where I work on these jobs that I do. Going there and seeing my bus, our bus, the family bus there, that I haven’t touched. Like I said, just about a month now. Knowing the goal that we set for summer time, next summer for it to be done, and knowing that I haven’t touched it for a month. It was really starting to get to me. So what I started to do, is I started to look up things to motivate me. Like I started to look up books, that will help me get through this. How to release stress, how to motivate myself.

How to do task management, project management, all of these things. The kind of person that I am is, whenever I get into something, I just devour that information. I just go out there, and I try to get as much information, on all of these topics as I can. Whatever topic I’m into at the time. I just try to get it all in, just try to force feed it down my throat. Let me say that, this topic that I have obsessed over, this time, is probably one of the best things that I’ve done. I started to read a whole bunch of books, look at a whole bunch of videos, documentaries, on just about everything. From meditation, and like I said all of the other things that I did. Meditation, running, how’s it good for you, time you go to sleep, things that you should do, before you go to sleep. So once I went through a large amount, of these books, I mean large. I do a lot of audio books. So what I do, is I get these audio books, when I’m out working. I play them at fast motion, like 2 times the speeds. Some of these audio books are whatever, let’s just say 3 hours or 5 hours. Many of these audio books, I can get through one a day, to may be 2 a day, if I really wanted to. Also I listen to a lot of podcast. I started to get a lot of podcast about motivation, and getting things done, the same kind of stuff. One of the very first podcast that I listened to on this subject. I don’t remember, maybe it was one of the entrepreneur podcast.

I’m not sure, but the gentleman was saying that, you could consume all of this information, but if you don’t start to practice this information. Like sort of actually applying them in your life, that it’s absolutely pointless. Thankfully I took that to heart, and I heard it like right in the beginning. My thought process behind this, kind like it came from this gentleman. I wish I knew the guy’s name. Like I say, it’s kind a like a blur when you get all of this information, and you just start take it all in. It’s kind of difficult to distinguish, what information came from where. But from this guy, what he did, is he took one or two things from each of the books, or the theories, or processes that he found out there, from these motivational speakers, and whatever. He stated to apply those things in his life. So I thought that was a great idea, because as I went through all of these books.

A lot of these things, there were certain things that I really latched on to, and some of them, just didn’t interest me too much. So I started to tell myself, you know what. I’m gonna try to get, one or two items from each of these books, or theories, or processes, and apply them in my life. It’s really been working. The stuff that I’ve been doing so far, has really made a difference to me. My emotional state, my stress levels. The way I feel about myself, the way I feel about the bus, the project. I’m okay with where I’m at now, with it. It’s just not possible for me to work on it, at this very moment. I’m about to start getting some free time soon, and I’ll just jump right back on it. But what can I do, if I’m working all of these hours, and I’m doing all of these things. What am I supposed to go there and work, overnight? I’m already waking up super early, and going to bed super late. There’s only so much that I can do. Let me start off with one of the biggest things, that has worked for me, and that’s been a task management. A process, or a theory, or a system called, getting things done. For me just that alone, has been like a life changing, like eye opening, like thing, I can’t even explain it. I’m not going to really get into, at least right now, on how I used the system.

I’ll put a link in the post, associated with this podcast, on where you can get information about it. Just it works, and I wanted to share it with you. So you guys, can just go there and read into it. But basically, the whole thing behind it is, for you to get all of your thoughts, all of your emails, all of your text messages, all of your tasks. All of these things that run through your mind, on a daily basis, all in one place. What worked for me so far, is that I’ve been funneling it all into this program, call Evernote. If anybody been around for a while. I’ve used it on and off over the past couple, of years. Really until now, I haven’t really used it to its fullness. I haven’t really taken advantage of it. It’s always been kind of cool looking to me, but I really haven’t had a need to use it. I just didn’t know how to use it. Basically now that I’ve gone out there, and I’ve gotten information in how to use it. Specifically to apply it to this process, it’s like I said, a life changing thing. Let me just give you a little run down on how I use it. Basically when I get emails that come in, I use Gmail. My email get sent, and when I star it, it gets sent to my Evernote. My text messages automatically from my phone, get sent to my Evernote. Anytime I’m driving around, any little thought that goes through my head. I get my phone, I add a new note. I talk into my phone and it gets added to Evernote.

So everything gets added to this program. So I’m able to come in the morning, sit down, and all of these different tasks that I have forgotten to do, and that I remember on the spot. You know how it is, you’re driving around, driving to whatever you’re going, and you remember. Oh I needed to go do this, oh I needed to talk to this person. I forgot I had to call this person, or man I needed to turn this thing in. For me, that’s what would happen on a daily basis. I have forgotten to do this. I have to turn this in, I needed to call this gentleman. All of these things, I didn’t realize it, were just piling up, and was bringing on this stress. And wasn’t allowing me to complete anything, basically because I was jumping back and forth, from task to task, and not allowing myself, to complete anything. Nothing was working. I guess, like subconsciously got to the point where, I wasn’t even able to start any task. It was weird, like I don’t even know. It wasn’t like I was depressed or anything, or maybe I was. I just don’t even realize it, but it was tough.

But now, with the ability to add all of these things, into Evernote. I’m able to come, and sit down in the morning, open up my Evernote. I have all of these different thoughts, all of these different things, that are important, that need my action. Things that I need to do, there in one spot, and it’s been great. One more thing about the way that the Evernote is set up. There’s like a whole theory behind, how you set up the priorities and different actions that you take, and so on, and so forth. For me, the 2 most important things have been, priority and location. So in Evernote you can tag it. If you guys don’t understand what a tag is, in reference to Evernote. It’s kind of like putting it into a folder. So when I get whatever information I funnel into Evernote. I’m able to say, the way that I’ve been using it is, this action. Let’s just say picking up a computer. My day would be a lot of things like this. I have to go drop off a computer for a customer, pick up a computer for a customer. But since I do so many different types of jobs. Like in that area, I’ll have to go by the auto body paint supply store, and pick up paint. Also I’ll have to go and pick up some parts, for some lawn mower, or tractors for the nursery, that I do work for, here in my father-in-laws nursery also. So I have like in that area, whatever areas it is I’m going to. Let’s just say for me, it would be like Florida City. In that area, in Florida City I’ll have like 4 different task that I need to do, and there’re all separate.

Separate types of work, and separate type of mindset, basically. Now since I’ve funneled all this information into one location. I’ve tagged it with, Florida City for instance. Once I get to Florida City, in that area. I open up my phone, and I’m able to look for Florida City, and I can see all of these different things that I’ve tagged, or have put in that folder, associated with that area. Just that alone, the first week when I realized. Just that right there, was like such a time saver, and such a like stress reliever. It was like huge. It was like eye opening, it was like great. It was awesome. Because I was able to go over there, and just go one trip, and do all of these things in one place, and be able to go back to home base. Back to the shop, or to the nursery, or whatever. I have all of these different things that I had. Normally I would have forgotten to do one or two of those things. I did them all at once, and didn’t have to be for the next week, saying. Man I forgot to do this there, in Florida City. Man I forgot to pick this up, oh I wish I would have done this. Now I need to set aside more time to go up there for a specific thing, and it takes up half a day to just go up there and come back, and so on, and so forth. I lose all of this time, and all of this mental energy, and all of this stress that gets added. So just that alone, has been like life changing.

You know, I’ll get deeper into that, on another podcast. I do have other things that I’ve been doing. Like I’ve been meditating in the morning, also I just started to run. I’ve also done like, we’ve got a white board. Put a whit board upon the refrigerator in the kitchen, and we’re starting to put affirmations upon the board. A lot of these things, it’s difficult for me to do a lot of these things. Like meditating, affirmation. The only way I could describe it is, I feel like embarrassed. If I was standing upon a stage, and everybody was looking at me, and laughing at me. That’s how I feel like, when I’m like thinking positive energy, or reading something on the board, or even writing something on the whiteboard. Or sitting there and meditating, and meditating and trying to be listen to my breath. I feel like embarrassed. It’s weird, but they have been working. Say like the meditation, I really want it to work.

So I’m really putting time and effort into it, and I’ve been doing it about 3 weeks now, roughly. Maybe about 4-5 days a week, give or take. I’m giving it a chance. I’m gonna do this, for at least a month, to 2 months, before I really start to judge whether it’s working or not. So far, I’m enjoying it. It’s a little bit difficult to sit quietly. I mean anybody’s that’s now with all these computers, and all these information, overload that we get. It’s very difficult to sit quietly for 15 minutes, or 20 minutes, or let alone 5 minutes. It’s like nearly impossible for me, but I’m doing it. I really want all of these things to work. I want my life and my family’s life to be everything it can be. I want to be able to achieve these things, and I know for a fact that to achieve all of these things that we want. We as a family, and me as part of this family, have to work on myself, and have to continue to strive, to improve our situation. And to improve my situation, I know for a fact, that it is more than just a task manager. Even though a task manager, might be a big part of the issues I was having. I know that there is more to it, than just that. I’m on that mission, to find the things that will help me be a better person.

So in closing, this podcast is obviously now turning into more, than just talking about the bus. It is gonna start to focus on all of the pieces of the puzzle. That are allowing ourselves to live on this bus. It’s gonna be basically talking about our home schooling, our experiences. The self-improvement, meditation, running, all of these aspects that we’re doing in our lives. That we’re practicing. The process of building the bus. Obviously the way that we’re trying to diversify ourselves financially, from a regular job. I was laying in bed, and it kind of came to me, right before I went to sleep. All of this stuff has to do with the bus. It’s a direct connection to the bus. This bus is not the separate thing. This tiny home, that we’re all going to pile into, is not a separate entity that it’s just there. No, it’s the whole package. It all has to do with each other. For any of these things to succeed, all of these things need to succeed. It’s this new mindset that our family is trying to achieve, and we hope that, through our process, that we’re able to inspire, and maybe help someone. And be able to get feedback from you guys, and help us. We can do this together.

Sometimes when we’re here on our own, it’s difficult. We’re like in this bubble, and we’re all so busy with our lives. We all want to achieve these things, and we just don’t know how to do it. But if we kind of come together, to see that we’re not alone in this venture. That we’re all trying to achieve this path of simplicity, and better productivity, and a better family life. Hopefully we can do it together. Thank you once again, for downloading this podcast. I really enjoy all of your feedback, and I guess I’ll be talking to you guys soon. Thanks.

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