Introducing Katie and Why We Homeschool

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Today’s podcast I get the pleasure of introducing Katie. We start to touch on homeschooling and why we have chosen to take control of our children’s future.

Podcast 010 Introducing Katie and why we homeschool transcript

Luis: Hey guys. Thanks for tuning into today’s podcast. I’m super excited to introduce somebody, that’s super important to me and to our family. And if it wasn’t for her, none of this would be possible. Go ahead and introduce yourself.

Katie: Hi everyone, my name is Katie. I am Luis’s wife and the mother of his 3 beautiful children. I’m currently home schooling all of them.

Luis: Yeah that’s the reason why I wanted to get her on here today, was because you hear me talking about home schooling here, and there throughout the podcast. I really don’t want to get too deep into the subject, because she’s really the one that’s doing all the heavy lifting, when it comes to home schooling. I’m just backing her up. So I thought that it would be important to bring you, because I’m talking about the bus, and tiny house, and all of this stuff that we’re trying to achieve. One of the very big components of this lifestyle that we’re choosing, is home schooling. I just wanted to bring you in, and maybe you can explain kind a like, how you arrived at this decision.

Katie: Yeah definitely. I’ve tried to home school our eldest daughter, Haley a few years ago. When she started to show signs, of having trouble in school. I’ve been able to keep up with everybody else. Just the inconsistencies of her work, and all that kind of stuff. So I had tried, sadly I failed. A few months after that, I quit, and I gave up. Now looking back on it, it’s definitely meant to happen that way. Because once I did send her back to school, in public school. Over the years since then, it’s just really became even more apparent, to both of us that, we need to home school our kids. There really is no other option, other than to home school to us, at least. Now that we made that decision, and even though the days can be really stressful. That decision, and the fact that, there is no other option for us, has helped me to keep the bigger picture, always in the forefront, and not forget.

Luis: Why we’re doing this.

Katie: Exactly.

Luis: Right. I think we both think this way. Everything definitely happens for a reason. The first round of you home schooling, our older daughter. I don’t necessarily think of it as a failure. I think of it as a learning experience, because you were really able to adapt, and to look at this whole home schooling, in a whole completely different light, and different way. I think you have been able to learn a lot from that. What works and what doesn’t work. I think it really made this time doable. It’s allowed to look at it differently.

Katie: Yeah. I mean, look I’m always very hard on myself. Often I do look back on that as a failure, that I failed my daughter. Because that is, and always will be what is best for her, is the home schooling, with the one on one. Being at home with us, where we love her unconditionally, all that good stuff. So I do look back on it, as a failure to me, but I’m never the type of person, that also doesn’t see positive things.

Luis: The glass is always half empty, not half full.

Katie: Half empty is bad.

Luis: Yeah, that’s the way you 03:51.

Katie: No. I don’t always look at it half empty. But I’m always able to find, some kind of learning situation from everything, no matter if it’s positive, or negative.

Luis: I know you’ve done a lot. Because I’ve seen you do the difference that you’re doing. But maybe you can explain, to some other people out there that are thinking of doing this. What has been the big difference, between the first go round, and this go round. What has been like that pivotal moment, or that pivotal thing that you’ve done? That has helped you deal with it better this time?

Katie: The simple fact that I’m a mom. I’m not a teacher in a school setting. I don’t necessarily have to continuously day by day, keep up with what, they might have been doing in a classroom, that day. If they were present in a class room that day. I still put a lot of pressure on myself today. But last time, I really put a lot of pressure on myself, to make sure that Haley was doing everything that her classmates were doing. Which included pages, and pages of workbooks, and spelling test, and all this stuff that she was doing well with, in the first place. And I was just shoving it down her throat. If we didn’t complete what I had set out to complete that day, I was really hard on myself. And then in return, hard on her. So this time, there are no workbooks. I do write things down, that I would like to accomplish, because I’m a very type A personality. Where I do really well, with making list, and it helps me to not feel as overwhelmed. So I still do that, but like I said, there are no workbooks. There are no spelling test. We do, do spelling words, but I do not test them on it. I’m definitely taking more of a relaxed approach, also a 06:01 approach, because we’re using a lot of different styles. There’s Waldor from 06:07. On schooling for science, and all those extracurricular activities. Yeah just relaxed, more relaxed. If things are not completed, I can calmly just erase it, from the work lesson plan. And just tell myself, that we’ll do it later, and we do, do it later. It’s okay.

Luis: Kind a like you had a little make up earlier this week. Haley had an issue. She was complaining about stomach ache.

Katie: Right.

Luis: You were basically able to tell her, we’re gonna redo it. You did. The day after, you were able to go ahead and redo it, and she cooperated this time. So it was easier. It was a pretty easy situation. Under normal circumstances, it would have been difficult for you to let go of that.

Katie: The fact of Haley having a stomach ache, and me not getting overwhelmed and worked up, over the fact that, she would be missing things, that Lily would be learning. While Haley was lying down in her bed resting. It would overwhelm me, but in that moment, I was able to just tell myself, its okay. If she was at regular school, she would stay home several days out of the year. Because she was sick, and she would miss those days. Everything is okay, like the world is not going to end.

Luis: A benefit also I think is that, if she was in a regular school setting. She would miss it, and yeah maybe they would give her some make up homework, but really the teacher wouldn’t cover it. You had the ability the day after, to sit down with her one on one, and be able to go over it. And cover with her, what she needed to do. And if she had any issues, you were able which 07:50-07:51.

Katie: No. The way Haley is, is that she’ll do anything to get her school work. But I forewarned her several times, that she would have to make it up, so she knew. And she really didn’t give me a hard time. Let me just say something. Both girls have been in school, since they were 3 and 4. No matter how many days they missed, they never were sent home with makeup work. So I don’t think it ever was made up. They were just passed on, never learned what they missed.

Luis: So I guess, that is a definitely one of the benefits, of home schooling. In that, she misses days, you can go back, and just redo it with her. A lot of the stuff that we’ve been talking about, that you guys have been tuning in. I talked a lot about the bus, a lot about different places to live. It’s all centering around giving us the freedom, to do the things that we want to do. The way this kinds of turn, and comes back around to life. The way I feel this is 09:01, is that this is definitely giving us the freedom to, teach our children what we think they should learn, at the pace that they’re okay with. You’re able to focus on certain subjects that you think are more important than other subjects. I know that she’s also signed me up, for me and the girls. I stay home with the girls. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I come home earlier from work, and I hang out with them. I don’t hang out with them. I do hang out with them, but I’m able to help, with the stuff that I’m good at. I do a lot of hands on stuff. One of the things that, she signed me up for, was this thing here locally Miami. Which is 09:45

Katie: Tropical gardens.

Luis: Tropical Gardens. They have this home schooling event, once a month, or something like that.

Katie: Right.

Luis: There was a like a field trip. It was pretty cool, because I was able to sit there with the girls. We were doing something, to do with the rain forest, and how the water recirculates in the rain forest, and on, and on. It’s so cool, because this was more than just a field trip. Anytime there was a field trip, we always went with the girls, never let them just go on their own. This particular field trip, was a little bit different, because it was more than just a field trp. I knew that I was there with them. I wasn’t with any teacher. I was able to jump in my car with them, after the fact and drive them home with me. I was able to drive with them there.

Katie: It wasn’t all these rules that the school set up.

Luis: Right exactly. Not all these rules that the school set up. After the fact, it was time to do either the trolley, or like, they have like this butterfly garden thing. I gave them a choice, which one they wanted to do. If they want to do the trolley, or the butterfly garden. They chose to do the butterfly garden. Normally in a school environment, it would have been like herds. Like a herd thing, where you have to go through here.

Katie: Chaos.

Luis: Chaos. It’s just enough to just keep them quiet, and in place. It was enjoyable, and I’m actually looking forward to the next time, that we have this thing coming up.

Katie: It’s a quality time. It’s the quality time that, even if it’s a field trip with the school, or a field trip just with you. The quality time is there, and with home schooling, it really amps it up, by a million notches.

Luis. Right. That’s how everything that I’ve been talking about, week by week. For us, it’s all about we’re changing our lives, and making it the way we feel, that is gonna be best for our family.
Trying to set up ourselves in a situation, from the tiny home that we’re building. Which is to allow ourselves to be in places, where we want to be. Or live on our terms, and not according to other people’s term. And you know what, home schooling has it fixed into that mindset. So if you guys are parent out there, and you’re thinking about tiny homes, meditation like I spoke about. All these things, you might not think that they are related, but they are. They are all related. It’s about empowering ourselves, and our families to live happier, I guess.

Katie: Yeah and to take control of our lives. And not let all these professionals and officials, tell us what’s best for our children, and our family. And you know what, we know what’s best. As far as what you’re saying, about living in a tiny home and travelling around, home schooling. We wouldn’t be able to do that unless we home schooled our kids. It would not be an option. The fact that we have that freedom, and no matter where we live, and how we live. Our children will be with us, and they’ll be safe. We will be learning, and there will be stressful days, and wonderful days. But there is so many outside things that we just don’t have to deal with, by making this choice. That is another main reason why we decided to home school.

Luis: Yeah. Talking about that. I had one of my friends that I talk to basically, on a daily basis. His kid is in the Montessori school. The school is hassling him for the shot records, to bring in the shot records. Our kids basically have all their shots.

Katie: Hunter doesn’t.

Luis: Hunter doesn’t. Okay I know that we’ve chosen not do to certain ones, or something along the line. It’s just the mere fact that, they’re basically harassing him for these shot records.

Katie: You know what I know about that, and they’re afraid of some vaccinations. Now they’re have to jump through hoops, to prove themselves. If they don’t want to give their son these certain shots. Or they just have to do it, regardless of their feelings.

Luis: Right. Again back to the same thing. That’s what we’re trying to achieve with all of these decisions that we make. It’s not necessarily whether we’re against shots, or for shots. Whatever the case may be. It’s about us having the ability, to choose those options, and not have be put into a position, where we really have no choice, but to do it. For instance, going back to field trips. I have no choice but to allow my daughters, to be on the bus. I have no other choice, even though I’m the Dad. They drive with me every single day, all over the place, without any issues. They will not allow me, if they’re going to public school to have them in my car, and drive them to the field trip. Or to drive them home. To me it’s ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

Katie: The fact that, they would be safer on the bus with some random school driver, than in their own car, with their own father.

Luis: Yeah. In a school bus, that they are not wearing seat belts.

Katie: No.

Luis: With a stranger. That situation is safer than me driving them there, when I just finish driving them to school, 10 minutes before that. I’m putting this out there, this podcast. I really wanted to bring her here, so we can start talking about this, and start introducing the home school. We are lemonheadpress our website, if you guys haven’t gone there. You go there, she does post weekly, basically what we’ve done, her feelings on it. I know she does a monthly recap. She post a lot of work that she does. She works very hard. I’m very proud of her. Again, if it wasn’t for her, none of this that we’re doing here, would be possible. If you guys are thinking about this, and you guys want to hear more about, home schooling, let us know. And we’ll be more than happy to elaborate, and give you more information. The stuff that we’ve learned and the stuff that we find, that helps us. The stuff that stresses us out, in case you guys have kids out there, and you’re thinking of it.

Katie: Thanks for asking me to come on. It’s definitely many things, and many topics to discus, when it comes to home schooling. So I look forward to coming back on.

Luis: Just want to give an introduction, and I think you did great.

Katie: Thanks.

Luis: You were a little nervous. So that’s about it. So you guys have any questions. You can email us at [email protected] or in this case, [email protected] You can also go to the website, We also have a YouTube channel if you go to YouTube. There’s really nothing to do on home schooling, on YouTube as yet. I think that’s in the future. We’re planning stuff around home schooling, we’re not there yet. It’s a lot of stuff, we’re trying to get done, all at once. A lot of work that we’re putting into this. Go ahead.

Katie: Just saying that the YouTube channel has a lot of really great videos, of Luis working on the bus and all of the car restorations that he’s doing.

Luis: Right.

Katie: And they’re really cool to watch.

Luis: That’s about it.

Katie: Thank you.

Luis: Thank you guys. I’ll be talking to you guys next time. Bye.

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