Monster Birthday Party Ensemble

monster birthday party

For this ensemble we put together this really cute and easy monster birthday party.  What is so great about this theme is that the possibilities are endless in that you could use whatever color theme of your choice, making it into even a girl monster birthday party! But for this party, we are using the simple but classic orange, black, and lime green colors.  And whats even better is that you can get most of the supplies needed right here in our shop.  We just finished up creating the thank you note cards and gift tags that match the ever so cool invitations.  To accommodate this cool and funky party, I added the very delicious and very simple homemade oreos.  What kid (and adult) doesnt love Oreo’s and more importantly, who doesnt love anything homemade? Well you have a two for one in these bad boys.  These cookies can make a great addition to a birthday cake, or when packaged nicely and tied with our matching gift tags and orange twine, these would make amazing party favors.  Thanks for stopping by!

1. Monster Birthday Party Invitations, 2. Monster Birthday Party Gift Tags, 3. Monster Birthday Party Thank You Note Cards, 4. Homemade Oreo Cookie Recipe

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