First Blog Post Ever….

Well, this is it. This is the very first blog post of Lemonhead Press.  Im nervous even writing this because I know that once it has begun, if it is not finished, then it can be viewed as failure.  Lemonhead Press and everything that will hopefully come from it has been a dream of mine for some time.  I really wanted to accomplish something grand, and with this, I hope the grandness will come.  I have been wanting to find a way to be able to tap into my creative side that would allow me to remain home with my children.  So, here are a few little details about Lemonhead Press that is the main inspiration…

  • I love to party plan but have been faced with nothing but tacky and overpriced invitations, thank you’s, and decorations.  With Lemonhead Press, I hope to be able to offer unique, creative, and classic designs for children and adults.  While the market has gotten much better recently, I still have trouble finding that right design.
  • Holiday cards, birthday cards, and thank you cards can be found anywhere nowadays, with hundreds of designs, however, I want to be able to offer funny and out of the box concepts, as well as modern, minimalist, and unique designs.
  • I want to have the opportunity to offer awesome designs to the people out there that are just like me, who want something different, something that can’t be found in the store, something that the recipient of their cards, note cards, and invitations would be blown away by.

Thanks for stopping by, and I will be checking back in shortly.  Below are some of the items that are finished and ready to go!

As I create more designs and come up with ideas, I will be sharing them here with you.  xoxo

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