Item of the Week- You are My Amazing Love Card

This week I wanted to shine the light on our simple and really cute love/anniversary greeting card.  This  You are My Amazing greeting card is a perfect way to show the one that holds your heart that they are everything to you.  Their amazement that you hold for them is in your heart.  With Valentines Day right around the corner, this card would be a perfect one to give.  The simple colors of dark taupe and white let the words shine while bringing a different spin on a love greeting card.  Yes, I could have made the heart pink or red like a typical heart drawing would be, but I really wanted a natural feel to the card.  With it being printed on recycled card stock paper and sent with a recycled craft paper envelope, I wanted to bring the naturalness throughout.  Stop by the shop now to get your You are My Amazing Love Card now!

anniversary wishes

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