Item of the Week- Old Fashioned Toys Vintage Style Robot Birthday Card

For this weeks Item of the Week we are focusing on our super cool, timeless, and ageless old fashioned toys vintage style robot birthday card!

What is so great about this type of birthday card is that it truly is meant for anyone in your life, regardless of age! If you want this card to be for a little boy, it would be perfect. What little boy wouldnt want a hand drawn robot on their birthday card? If you want this card to be for your husband, brother, father, uncle, or father-in-law, it too would be a perfect card as it would bring back nostalgic and happy memories of their own childhood robot toy!

The robot in this old fashioned toy vintage style robot birthday card is completely hand drawn by Lemonhead Press, and each color has been chosen to stay within the vintage style realm.  The steel blue coloring was chosen to mimic the metal that these vintage toys were made out of.  All the different metal studs and gears drawn in only add more detail to this old fashioned toy that has been brought back to life.

old fashioned toys Vintage Robot Birthday Card

This card is printed on recycled speckled card stock and sent with a beautiful recycled kraft paper envelope. The card measures 5″ x 7″ and is hand drawn, printed, and cut all by our very own hands. Come by the shop to take a look! We also offer some other old fashioned toys birthday cards, such as our vintage style rocket, and our vintage style jack and ball birthday cards!

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