Item of the Week: You’re the Bee’s Knee’s Greeting Card

This week we are shining the light on this really cute and different “You’re the Bees Knee’s” greeting card. What I love about this card so much is that it can be meant for many different occasions and people.  You can give this card to your wife or husband for an anniversary or just to say I love you, or to a best friend that is super special to your heart.  In case you are wondering what the Bee’s Knee’s saying means, well its the same thing as saying “You’re the Cats Pajamas”. Basically meaning that you are the shiz, the bomb, where its at kinda thing.

Another awesome aspect to this anniversary wishes and love dreams (a.k.a.- champagne wishes and caviar dreams) is that its all hand drawn by me and instead of using the typical black and yellow bee coloring that you normally see, I chose a more natural route so that it compliments the recycled card stock paper and envelope.  I hope you enjoy and be sure to stop by our shop to see more!

Bees Knees Greeting Card p.s.- just to let you know that much has happened over here on the bus front, so I will be sure to post updates on it next week! Thanks for stopping by!

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