The Shop is Filled!

Great news, the shop has been filled with all the goodies I had shared with you on the previous post. Im super excited to report this and hope everyone likes all the products! There are loads of handmade cards to choose from like anniversary cards, birthday cards, love cards, and thank you cards.  There is also plenty of invitations for those unique birthday party ideas for the kiddos, notecards sets for thank you’s and reply’s, and flashcards for teaching your little ones at home!  There are also cool posters to choose from! Take a look and I hope you like it!

In other news I have working on several new designs for birthday cards and notecards.  The designs touch on those really cool vintage toys that we all played with as kids.  The notecards set will be of those designs, so if you don’t need a birthday card, you can purchase the notecards set instead!

Thanks for checking in, and Ill be sure to post all the new products in the shop once it’s all ready to go!


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